Rachel Bilson Slams Alleged Rumor That ‘Hart of Dixie’ Ended Because of Her Pregnancy

By April Lara | 2 years ago

Hart of Dixie” has been cancelled by The CW after it ran for four seasons and the star of the show, Rachel Bilson who plays Dr. Zoe Hart opens up about the series and cleared the issue that the show was cancelled because of her pregnancy. Read below for the full details:

The last episode of “Hart of Dixie” aired on March 27, 2015 and it ended with Zoe and Wade finally getting married while Zoe is about to have her baby. They welcomed a baby boy. Just recently, Bilson posted a photo on her Instagram account expressing that she missed the show and also cleared some rumours that have been plaguing her ever since reports started that the CW is ending the series.

She captioned, “Missing the #zoehart #hartofdixie days, especially this outfit and this lady. Just wanted to clear something up, the cancellation of ‘HOD’ had nothing to do with me or my pregnancy. I loved my show and loved playing Zoe Hart, thanks to everyone who watched.”

“Hart of Dixie” fans quickly commented on Bilson’s Instagram post to express their support and how sad they are that the show ended.

“Hart of Dixie” was cancelled in May when The CW finally announced that they will no longer continue with the series.

Just recently, Jamie King talked about the series during her interview with Us Weekly and she revealed that “Hart of Dixie’s” remaining season 4 episodes were shot quickly because of Bilson’s growing belly and Bilson even went on full maternity leave a day after wrapping up Season 4. King also said that the series didn’t end because of low ratings, which led fans to speculate that it may be because of Bilson’s pregnancy.

All’s well that ends well.

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