Rachel Bilson Talks Being Naked in Films

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Rachel Bilson, who just appeared on another episode of How I Met Your Mother, boasts the fact she will never go nude for just about any role simply because she doesn’t believe it is essential to a part.

The actress said that she is “strong-willed” and has now avoided appearing naked.

She informed the British paper: “They like to put in nudity wherever they can. But I’m pretty strong-willed and believe it can be avoided.”

The 29-year-old former O.C.girl, mentioned that she finds sex scenes in films more “awkward” with a boyfriend than other actors.

She revealed: “Doing a love scene with someone that you’re involved with is more awkward than doing a love scene with someone you’re not dating.

“Either way, it’s definitely weird, though. It’s certainly not normal to kiss a guy in front of ten other guys and a camera.”

Bilson also revealed that she believes it ended up being an advantage that she grew to become productive at 21, rather than 16 like her O.C. co-star Mischa Barton.

She said: “I was 21 when The O.C. started, Mischa was 16.

“I can’t imagine dealing with that kind of success at that age. My life may have been very different had I started out that young.”

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