Rachel McAdams’ Investigative Journalism Is Noteworthy In ‘Spotlight’, Film Breaks Tedious Taboos

By SURABHI VERMA | 2 years ago
Rachel McAdams’ Investigative Journalism Is Noteworthy In ‘Spotlight’, Film Breaks Tedious Taboos

Rachel McAdams is receiving a good hype nowadays majorly due to her film “Spotlight” which is an issue based cinema. Inspired by a true story, it is not majorly due the dark subject of the film that is gaining critic’s acclaims but something else. Recently the directors-producers of the film talked about how this story-line is different from others.

Rachel plays the character of Sarah Pfeiffer, a journalist who acts as a critical part of a squad of investigative journalists, digging out the never seen before reality of sexual abuse taking place throughout the country. This investigation was a big hit especially for the Catholic Church. The entire probe happened through a series of articles getting published in reputed newspapers and all these incidents took place in the initial years of this millennium. This incited agitation amongst the population together with muddled reactions and led to a justification coming from the Pope, peculiarly for victims and their families. The investigative team in the film will be laid by Rachel, Mark Ruffalo, Michael Keaton and John Slattery. Their quest for investigative journalism and a perplexing outcome that is beyond imagination is what holds on the audience and leaves them spellbound in “Spotlight”


“Investigative reporting can be tedious. It can be endless. But it can also be exciting. And that’s the drama we’re trying to capture in this movie”, explains director Tom McCarthy to Hollywood Reporter.
McCarthy also reveals that the major part of making “Spotlight” has been to depict real-life journalists in such a way that keeps the true essence of the film, without making it too heavy. Moreover the production team understood this well that it is going to be not an easy one. “No one wants to watch a priest molesting a kid. That’s very hard for an audience to watch”, asserts McCarthy.

“Spotlight” is a must watch for the people of journalism fraternity to seek the truth that shook the entire world.

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