Rachel McAdams To Star In Marvel Film ‘Doctor Strange’: What Role Will She Portray?

By Rosella Jane Vargas | 2 years ago
Rachel McAdams To Star In Marvel Film ‘Doctor Strange’: What Role Will She Portray?

Rachel McAdams is set to immortalize a Marvel character for the upcoming film “Doctor Strange.” This will be another feather in her cap and a treat to all her fans. This brings to the question: Who will be her character? Read on.

In an article from Franchise Herald, it was theorized by Vanity Fair that McAdams may probably bring Clea to life. She will then be the apple of the eye of the main protagonist, Doctor Strange. There is no final announcement made yet by Marvel. Aside from the romantic connection they will have, she will be expected to have magical scenes, presenting the mystical prowess of Clea.

In the article from Cinemablend, it was stated that she could be Linda Carter otherwise, who is popularly known too as Night Nurse.  This became the center of discussion based on the answer by Stephen DeKnight. He was asked why the Night Nurse is named Claire Temple and not Linda Carter. He said that there are other plans for her along the time, thus, they have to resort of using another name. DeKnight is the one of the brains behind “Daredevil”.


The Marvel movie is speculated to have other big stars in its cast. Those who are rumored to be in this film are Benedict Cumberbatch who may portray Doctor Strange, Tilda Swinton who might become Doctor Strange’s mentor, Chiwetel Ejiofor who could be in the character of Baron Mordo. In addition,  one of the antagonists in the story may be portrayed by Mads Mikkelsen.

The production is planned to be started this coming fall in London. The movie will be released on Nov. 4, 2016. It is believed that this will be the other blockbuster movie from Marvel aside from “Captain America: Civil War.”

Will Rachel McAdams be Clea or Linda Carter or another character? Who will be in the final cast of Doctor Strange?

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Photo Source: Rachel McAdams/Wikimedia Commons

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