Rachel McAdams Talks ‘Southpaw’: Terrified Watching Jake Gyllenhaal Get Bloodied While Filming

By Nilankur Dutta | 2 years ago
Rachel McAdams Talks ‘Southpaw’: Terrified Watching Jake Gyllenhaal Get Bloodied While Filming

Rachel McAdams had white knuckles watching co-star Jake Gyllenhaal getting beaten with filming for the boxing movie, “Southpaw.” The Canadian actress recently went on record about the movie, her co-star Jake Gyllenhaal, and the sport of boxing. Read on to find out more.

McAdams and Gyllenhaal starrer “Southpaw” is playing in theaters to rave reviews right now. The 36-year-old actress has been praised for her nuanced and deep performance as Maureen Hope, a boxer’s wife. While Gyllenhaal undertook an intense training regimen with boxing champion Terry Claybon, Mcadams apparently also trained by Claybon to understand the ins-and-outs of the sport. It was previously reported by New Zealand Herald.

 “Rachel wanted to feel and understand what a fighter goes through. She was taking boxing with me, so she could get gutted out, per se, and get a real feel of what it takes to be a fighter. When she says, ‘You’re taking too many punches,’ she actually understands that because she was around it so much.” Claybon said.

Speaking of her character, McAdams said that a boxer’s wife must have a thick skin to watch her husband find. Her own reaction, however, was quite the opposite.” I reacted very differently than Maureen would have, so it was interesting to get into that part where she doesn’t even flinch. I had to put away my feelings and the fact that I would have been cringing like I was at the first fight I went to.”
It seems McAdams star is on the rise with her fantastic performance in “Southpaw”, and as Det. Antigone Bezzerides in the second season of HBO’s  “True Detective,” alongside Colin Farrell and Taylor Kitsch. The actress is also reputedly looking for a “flexible” man to date, Movie News Guide reported recently.

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