Rachel Mcadams And Taylor Kitsch Relationship News: Has The ‘True Detective’ Couple Broken Up?

By Bindhu Mol. G | 2 years ago
Rachel Mcadams And Taylor Kitsch Relationship News: Has The ‘True Detective’ Couple Broken Up?
Rachel McAdams

Rachel McAdams and Taylor Kitsch, the “True Detective” stars, were reportedly dating while they were together on the HBO series. However, recent rumors suggested that the couple have split up since the finale of the series.

According to CLASSICALITE, the cute couple was falling for each other while they were working together during HBO’s “True Detective” Season 2. They grew romantically closer on the set in spite of being friends for several years.

US Weekly reported that McAdams talked about Taylor Kitsch all the time. However, it seemed that the Canadian actor’s feeling for the “The Notebook” actress might have “just been a part of him getting very deep into method acting.” It looks like the couple has ended their romance relationship as soon as the HBO series reached the finale.

In another article reported on July 1, the source revealed that according to the 36-year-old Rachel McAdams, a work place would be “too distracting” and inconvenient for romance. However, the Canadian beauty could not avoid dating Kitsch as she was carried away by his charm. McAdams started dating the 34-year-old Kitsch, who split up from Jennifer Welch, from April while filming “Southpaw.”

The September 14 issue of The National Enquirer claimed that the NBC series “Friday Night Lights” star’s feelings for the Canadian actress seemed to melt as the “True Detective” finale ended.

The primary problem for the couple’s split up might be that they are not interested for a long-distance relationship, reported the source. Kitsch lives in Austin, Texas, whereas McAdams lives in L.A.

Have Rachel McAdams and Taylor Kitsch broken up really? Is the couple calling off their relationship due to distance issue, or is it due to some other reason? Well, we are not sure about the exact reason as of now, in case the couple has split up really.

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