Rachel Weisz Voices Stand Against Hollywood’s Sexist Attitude

By Susmita Bhattacharya | 2 years ago
Rachel Weisz Voices Stand Against Hollywood’s Sexist Attitude
PHOTOGRAPH: Facebook/Rachel Hannah Weisz |

Recently, Meryl Streep denies it but Rachel Weisz’s current words again smoked the fire of sexism in Hollywood. Weisz explains it’s not only in terms of fortune but also in terms of treatment. The showbiz world conceives a stereotype perspective for females, which is not reverent at all.

The 45-year-old expresses that for the last 23 years of her career, she has been experiencing a steady gender bias, which still prevails in the entire glamour world of Hollywood. She pulls the examples of Barbara Stanwyck, Bette Davis, who remains iconic in their own endeavor, with their own charisma yet has struggled the motif of sexism as a weaker gender. Rachel wonders at these cases especially as they were worshiped and celebrated among all.

‘The Deep Blue Sea” stunner directly points out that a strong tendency runs towards the women to be engaging and magnificent in a particular way that’s not asked of men. Well, the dazzling lady does not forget to mention that the director of her new movie doesn’t fit into that stereotype. ‘The Bourne Legacy” actress goes on commenting about Yorgos Lanthimos, the director of her upcoming release “The Lobster”. As she says Yorgos remains immensely gentle and very respectful. Weisz, married to the current James Bond Daniel Craig since 2011, tells that she shares a comfortable journey while working amiably with Yorgos. Notably, this film is heading to release on October 16th primarily in the UK. Rachel will soon be seen in “The Lobster”, an unusual approach to sci-fi, alongside Colin Farrell.

The Oscar winning actress stated that as she ages naturally and her relaxing confidence makes her at ease and more stunning than ever. We respect you lady as in the world of “plastics” remain natural yet captivating is something to salute. According to her as she has aged, her self-assurance has grown stronger and led her to a blissful life.

The beautiful actress, who perceives a concrete filmography in her career resume, has floored the spectators multiple times with her performance skill. This time she makes the jaws dropped as she elegantly poses for Harper’s Bazaar for its cover page. In the multiple shots for the magazine she is seen in a sheer pink, floral, high-necked shirt, which showed off her nude vest top underneath whereas for the next she embraces her with a strapless pale pink dress that had a thick black strip across the top. The cover snap is strikingly enigmatic as it sees her in an incredible ruffled, grey, strapless gown. The brunette beauty flaunts us in each outfit.

Photo Source: Facebook/Rachel Hannah Weisz

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