Rae Dawn Chong Rips Oprah Winfrey using Racial Slur

By admin | 5 years ago

Rae Dawn Chong was a co-star in the movie The Color Purple with Oprah Winfrey and said that on the set the two were friends. However, in a radio interview that bordered on being crude and filled with a number of expletives, Chong on Thursday said that all has changed.

The actress was appearing on the Radio Happy Hour of Matty P, and she said that Winfrey was very lovely to her on the film, but turned jealous when word got out that Chong had earned a part in Commando, the action movie with Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Chong said Winfrey instantly did not like her. She said Winfrey was very competitive and since she did not star in Commando, she did like Chong any longer.

Chong continued to rip Oprah by saying something you cannot take from her is that she is a very good brown-noser. Chong said when Oprah enters a room she looks for the person there who is the most powerful and becomes their best friend.

Chong was not done yet, as she described Winfrey as a fat girl who was a cheerleader or a wannabe cheerleader in high school that was the president of the student council and the principal’s best friend.

Winfrey was, said Chong, the fat chick at school that was involved with everything and loved by everyone.

Then if that was not enough of ripping Winfrey, Chong even dropped the n-word. She said if you look at how Oprah looks, she looks like 50 or 60 years ago, she would have been someone’s housekeeper.

Then Chong dropped the n-word and said if Winfrey had been a slave, she would have been out working the field.

Then as if to make a turn of 180 degrees, Chong said Winfrey was a miracle and that she respected her and said kudos to her. Chong said Winfrey changed the way people looked at a woman of a certain shade and certain size.

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