The Railway Man Movie Review [WATCH VIDEO]

By Hannah Aven Guarin | 4 years ago
The Railway Man Movie Review [WATCH VIDEO]
Colin Firth at the Nanny McPhee London premiere

“The Railway Man” is a drama film presented by The Weinstein Company. It opens in U.S. theatres on April 11, 2014. The film is directed by Jonathan Teplitzky. Its cast members include Nicole Kidman (Patti Lomax), Colin Firth (Eric Lomax) and Jeremy Irvine (Young Eric). Read on for “The Railway Man” movie review and a brief synopsis of the film.

“The Railway Man” Film Synopsis:

The film is based on a true story, the autobiography “The Railway Man.” It narrates about the life of the British Army officer Eric Lomax who suffered torment while serving as a prisoner under the Japanese during World War II.

Before suffering has befallen Eric, he worked as a signal engineer during his service with the army. He loved trains. He was captured by the Japanese during World War II and was imprisoned in Singapore then later transferred to Thailand. He was forced to build the Thai-Burma Railway, the “Death Railway.”

It was a nightmare for Eric as he had suffered too much. After being found with a contraband radio, the Japanese tortured Eric, almost beating him to death, trying to get the “truth” out of him.

When finally set free, his experience being held as a captive still haunted him. Years later, Eric and Patti traveled back to Asia and discovered that the Japanese interpreter who was also responsible for his miseries, Takashi Nagase, was still alive and working as a tour guide in the Kempeitai War Museum during the 80s. This journey was Eric’s attempt to let go of a lifetime of anger and resentment.

“The Railway Man” Movie Review:

Rotten Tomatoes has rated the drama film with a 73%. Although it was a great story of war, suffering and survival, the movie has received mixed reviews from the top critics. Sufficed to say that some liked it, while some did not.

David Rooney of the Hollywood Reporter referred to Teplitzky’s fim as a poorly executed drama.

“A former P.O.W.’s extraordinary story gets a plodding retelling in Jonathan Teplitzky’s poorly-structured drama,” said Rooney in the Hollywood Reporter article.

Variety’s Peter Debruge, on the other hand, had only good words for Eric Lomax. He emphasized that having found heroism in compassion is what connected the film with the audience.

And that’s “The Railway Man” movie review. Stay tuned for more movie reviews here on Movie News Guide (MNG).

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