Rain On The New Step Of His Career: R.A.I.N Company Officially Launched

By Rosella Jane Vargas | 2 years ago
Rain On The New Step Of His Career: R.A.I.N Company Officially Launched
Rain On The New Step Of His Career: R.A.I.N Company Officially Launched

Just few weeks ago, Rain made an announcement that he will soon have a one-man agency. Now, he has released a statement about the details regarding this new management company.

In an article from Soompi, the agency which he founded is called R.A.I.N Company. As of the meantime, it will give importance primarily on the career of the Korean star.

The Korean famed performer shared that he just signed the necessary contract for the R.A.I.N Company last Thursday, Oct. 1, 2015. He explained that they created this “dream team of multi-entertainment.” They are planning to accomplish this by getting the best of what the entertainment industry has to offer.

Aside from this, they will also apply the agency system used in the USA. He looks forward in managing different singers and actors. Kim Yong Bae whom he had a close professional relationship with will be leading the music and records department. Likewise, there are departments focused on the United States and Chinese area for their Hallyu celebrities.


According to the AllKPop article, the American division will be spearheaded by WME while the Chinese department will be under Jason Jang. Meanwhile, Park Jong Sun will be managing the actors. The R.A.I.N Company is aiming to discover new talents in the years to come.  The agency will be handling movies, albums, TV drama shows, and international-related activities.

The outlet also shared a part of the first announcement released by the agency:

“As such, specialists from each division make up our label, and we will make efforts to bring in rookies and to develop contents for our existing celebrities. We will stay humble and do our best to become a multi entertainment company for the best artists.”

We hope Rain will double or even surpass his success in this new phase of his career. What will be the first projects of R.A.I.N Company?

Photo Source: Rain/Instagram

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