Rainbow Six Siege XB1, PS4 Update 4.3 Live Oct. 25: Anti-Bullying System Activated; Caveira Gets Additional Training

By JEV | 1 year ago
Rainbow Six Siege XB1, PS4 Update 4.3 Live Oct. 25: Anti-Bullying System Activated; Caveira Gets Additional Training

Ubisoft recently announced the deployment Update 4.3 of Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege for the consoles on October 25. The newest update includes anti-bullying system and tons of bug fixes.

The upcoming update for PS4 and Xbox One is scheduled on October 25. That is more than two weeks later than the PC player gets their Rainbow Six Siege Patch 4.3.

However, Ubisoft gave an advanced notice to players. It becomes possible for gamers to roll back to Patch 4.2. That can happen if and when players will encounter major issues during the game which will force the developer to do it.

“As this is new technology that we are experimenting with, there is a possibility that we may be forced to perform a roll back to Patch 4.2,” says the blog.

If this happens, Ubisoft will correct them and apply all the changes further in Patch 4.4. The console players will get the contents of Patch 4.3 upon deployment of Patch 4.4. That comes before the release of Season 4.

Here are the breakdown of contents of Update 4.3 for Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege:

Caveira’s Interrogations

There are players who would exploit a bug that will make them quit even if Caveira is not done with her interrogation. But now, she got an “additional training.”

Caveira will now complete her interrogations on the enemy player whether they quite or not.

Anti-Bullying System Activated

In addition, the developer continues to implement their promise to improve the process of spotting and penalizing team killers. The anti-bullying feature serves as the solution to come with Patch 4.3.

This will prevent players from targeting any teammate by implementing a penalty.  Players will now get a “standard team-killing penalty after killing the same teammate twice.”

BattlEye Update and Main Bug Fixes

Ubisoft will also implement an additional update for BattlEye and tons bug fixes along with Update 4.3. Players can access the full patch notes at the official Ubisoft forum.

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege is available for PC,  PS4 and Xbox One.

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