Rainbow’s Hyunyoung And Clazziquai Singer Alex Are Officially Together!

By April Lara | 2 years ago
Rainbow’s Hyunyoung And Clazziquai Singer Alex Are Officially Together!

Rainbow’s Hyunyoung has finally found someone to love. Clazziquai singer Alex is the one whom she wants to be the love of her life. And it has already been confirmed! Read below for the full details.

Some media outlets have had the do under their radar as they were frequently being spotted together. Finally, Hyunyoung and Alex have made their relationship official. The duo has confirmed that they have been dating for a month now.

DSP Media, Hyunyoung’s agency, has released a statement to confirm the couple’s relationship: “Our artist Hyunyoung and Alex have started dating after meeting a month ago through acquaintances. Please look upon them kindly as it hasn’t been long since they’ve started dating.”

As per Alex’s side, a rep said that Alex was really fine with going public with Hyunyoung, what worries him, though, is that he wants to make sure that it’s okay with Hyunyoung as well. He also revealed that Alex and Hyunyoung have been dating very carefully and Alex remains worried because he might hurt her if things go public considering that Hyunyoung is still young.

Well, all the best for the couple! It looks like they have made the right decision to go public. Don’t they look adorable? The two looks so smitten with each other!

And clearly, age doesn’t matter! Hyunyoung is 24-year-old while Alex is a 36-year-old singer. Alex has finally introduced Hyunyoung as his girlfriend prior to the announcement. These two are definitely getting serious.

Alex has appeared in various television dramas as well aside from his singing career such as “Hotel King,” “Pasta” and “Medical Top Team.”

What do you think of this new couple’s, Hyunyoung and Alex, relationship? Have they really found love in each other? Let us know by posting your comments below!

Photo source: Facebook/Hyunyoung

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