Rapper Plies Thrown Off the Stage during Concert by Outraged Fan [WATCH VIDEO]

By Florida Mae Acampado | 3 years ago

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When you’re attending the concert of your biggest idol performer and was actually invited to go onstage, you’d probably be blushing up to the roots of your hair or screaming like crazy. So imagine rapper Plies’ surprise when his invited fan actually throws him off the stage!

On Friday, April 3, Plies was performing in the Club Coliseum in Tallahassee, Florida, in part of his ‘Find Your’ concert tour. And like every celebrity performer, he seems to be more than eager to meet his fans up close and invited one guy to come up onstage to join him. Although, he probably didn’t expect what’s coming up next.

TMZ reports that the said fan closed in on Plies, until the rapper felt like his private space was invaded, which he then pointed out to the fan. But instead of walking back a few steps, the fan grabs hold of Plies and threw him off the stage to the shocked audience below. This then resulted in a mad ruckus which ended with Plies’ security kicking out the body-slamming fan.

In addition to this incident, as shown further in the video, other fights also broke out within the audience, and so the security went over to try and settle things down. But despite this, Plies went back onstage to perform as if nothing happened.

The fan who threw off Plies, explained his side regarding the incident in a video. He admits of feeling insulted by Plies’ reaction onstage, thus leading to the ruckus. Showing his bruised face and swollen lips, he said that the damage on his face was done by Plies’ security and that Plies is no fighter, saying “Your security did my damage, you didn’t do shit.” He added that he’s more than willing to engage in fights, even against women. But he also added that he is still a loyal Plies fan despite the incident.

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