Ratings Reveal A Good Start For ‘Quantico’

By Shreya Singh | 2 years ago
Ratings Reveal A Good Start For ‘Quantico’

The first episode of the new ABC spy series “Quantico” was aired on Sunday and to everyone’s surprise, it became one of the top rated broadcast entertainment series in the young adults category. Read to know its recent ratings when it premiered with a bang.

The ratings released by Nielsen Friday showed that the bollywood star Priyanka Chopra’s starring series gained a 3.1 rating among the adult category of 18-49 in live rating, including the last three days playback, total rating of the series was 63 percent of its Sunday rating. With this rating, the series became second highest rated new premiere followed by “Blood & Oil”, which also made its debut this week. It’s the second smallest Live Plus three gainer among the fall’s new shows, behind Fox’s “Rosewood” (0.37).

Among all of them, “Scream Queens” maintained the top most position with 1.7 Live Plus Same Day Demo Rating and 2.7 live rating plus three days of demo rating. The Wrap gave out the report that said although “Scream Queens” started with a lower base number 1.7, it secured the top position in rating. Although there was a difference of 1.4 between live –plus-three rating of “Quantico” and “Scream Queen”.

In securing second place, “Quantico” had to face a tough fight from “Heroes: Reborn”, which had a rise of 60 percent from 2.0 to 3.1.

Here’s a complete list of the shows and their ratings by percentage growth in delayed viewing:

  1. “Scream Queens”: +65% (1.7 Live Plus Same Day Demo Rating/2.7 Live Plus 3-Day Demo Rating)
  2. “Quantico”: +63% (1.9/3.1)
  3. “Heroes: Reborn”: +60%  (2.0/3.1)
  4. “Minority Report”: +56% (1.1/1.7)
  5. “Limitless”: +55% (1.9/2.9)
  6. “The Player”: +52% (1.2/1.8)
  7. “Blindspot”: +43% (3.1/4.5)
  8. “Blood & Oil” +36% (1.4 /1.9)
  9. “The Muppets”: +31% (2.9/3.8)
  10. “Best Time Ever” (Sept. 15): +23% (1.8/2.3)
  11. “Life in Pieces”: +22% (2.6/3.2)
  12. “Rosewood”: +15% (2.4/2.8)


So far it has been a good start for the show, but does all these ratings really affect the audience if all they want is a “good show” that entertains them and  keep away their boredom?

Photosource: Twitter/Quantico

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