Raw and Emotional Lore

By admin | 6 years ago

Lore is a raw movie that is about a young German girl, portrayed by Saskia Rosendahl. It takes place in the final months of World War II. Lore is the oldest of five kids and her parents are Nazis. Her father (Hans-Jochen Wagner) is a Nazi General who is lost when the Allies invade Germany. Her mother turns herself in to the opposition. Lore becomes the caretaker of the family.

With little food left for them, Lore must lead what’s left of her family to Hamburg where her grandmother lives. They encounter obstacles along the way that doesn’t make her life any easier. Most of the movie features the journey Lore has taken with her siblings.

The early part of Lore is so powerful that it will linger in your mind until the end. It shows how Lore sees through a crack in the wall her brutality tough father, who has no problem lying to her and doesn’t feel any sympathy for her. Her mother is mentally damaged and has already left her family even before she turned herself in and abandoned them.

It is difficult to grow up without the influence of parents and this is why audiences can easily relate to Lore and the experiences she had during her journey. She has to make certain choices based on what she has come to know.

Co-writer and director Cate Shortland shows the reality of Lore’s situation. She made the visual style of the film to be harsh and steady and yet there are some elements of gentleness in the way they flow. Lore meets a Jewish boy whom she must learn to depend on in order to survive. This is moment when her mind opens up and the movie expands its scope as well.

Lore is a raw and definitely one of the toughest coming-of-age movies ever made. It was nominated as the official entry from Australia for the Academy Awards Best Foreign Language Film but failed to make it to the Oscar Short list. It is a World War II movie seen through the point of view of a young German growing up with all the horrors around her.

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