‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ Season 7 Recap: It’s Attack NeNe Day

By Kathleen Villaruben | 3 years ago
‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ Season 7 Recap: It’s Attack NeNe Day
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Real Housewives of Atlanta” (RHOA) Season 7 Episode 17 “Fix It Therapy” aired on Sunday, Mar. 15, 2015, at 8:00 p.m. on Bravo. The episode kicks off with Phaedra Parks visiting Porsha Williams at her home. Read on to know what they are talking about.

Phaedra talks about her meeting with Cynthia Bailey, wherein she walked out. She admits having grudge on both Peter Thomas and Cynthia. She gets uncertain about going to the Housewives’ therapy session because of the “hyenas.”

Meanwhile, Kandi Burruss and Todd Tucker are busy talking about their relationship. Todd believes that the counselor did not help them with their problems. They start to make a list of pros and cons as a couple. Kandi notices that their kisses are starting to mean less. She tells Todd that he can be hesitant to move on from an issue. In the contrary, Todd describes her as a person who keeps on avoiding conflicts. Kandi asks him if he has something good to say about her. Todd thinks long and hard and tells her that she is family-oriented. He suddenly excuses himself for a meeting.

By the way, who would have thought that Claudia Jordan dreams to be a stand-up comedienne?

Back to serious conversations, NeNe Leakes visits Phaedra to check on her. Phaedra admits not being okay and brings up that Apollo Nida was in prison for only less than 24 hours. NeNe directly asks her who is Chocolate. Phaedra answers that it is just her friend called White Chocolate. She gets emotional and talks about genuine friends.

Anyway, Claudia talks to a comedian for suggestions on a comedy show. As the conversation goes on, she slowly realizes that she is not ready yet (at last!).

In Phaedra’s office, Kandi arrives. Phaedra tells Kandi that she is disappointed with not receiving any calls or messages from her friends after the walk out. Kandi defends herself that she also has problems, including the cancellation of her play. She suddenly talks about NeNe and Phaedra’s conflict in the past and NeNe’s tendency to attack without warning. Phaedra says she always believe that people can change. She finally tells Kandi that she is not going to the group therapy.

At last! It is time for the most-awaited group therapy session. NeNe opens the discussion by saying that everyone has to get along like mature adults. The therapist notices Kenya Moore smirking. NeNe directly tells Kenya that they will never be friends and admits to the therapist that she does not have any respect for Kenya.

It is now Cynthia’s turn to lash out at NeNe. She tells NeNe how disrespectful she was for calling Peter “a bitch” in the past (come on, not this topic again!). NeNe accepts the fact without any hesitation. Cynthia tells her that she is not really prepared to move on. NeNe describes her as a mean girl. Cynthia throws the insult back at her. Surprisingly, Kandi also attempts to talk about NeNe.

With that, NeNe walks out and tells the therapist chasing her that she is not going back.

There you have it for the recap on Real Housewives of Atlanta” (RHOA) Season 7 Episode 17 “Fix It Therapy,” which aired on Sunday, Mar. 15, 2015, at 8:00 p.m. on Bravo. Catch the next episode on March 22. For more updates about this show, including spoilers and recaps, follow Movie News Guide (MNG).

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