‘Real Housewives of Melbourne’ Cast Update: Gamble Breaux Denies Being a Sex Worker

By Kathleen Villaruben | 3 years ago
‘Real Housewives of Melbourne’ Cast Update: Gamble Breaux Denies Being a Sex Worker

The “Real Housewives of Melbourne” (RHOMelbourne) star Gamble Breaux stayed firm in her defense that she was never a sex party host, a prostitute, and a stripper. Read on for details.

MailOnline reported about the 43-year-old reality star’s recent interview with Kyle Sandilands and Jackie “Jackie O” Henderson on “The Kyle and Jackie O Show” on KIIS FM. Breaux emphasized that she was never a sex worker before joking about being a “very good amateur stripper at home.”

In the first part of “RHOMelbourne” Season 2, Janet Roach asked Breaux about rumors before her “Real Housewife” career. Breaux denied working for sex, but Roach chose not to believe her and their feud worsened. It even led to Roach’s temporary leave from the show.

Breaux played below the belt when she also confronted Roach about her dirty past. She accused Roach for being a heroin addict and having sex to buy more drugs. She assured that she had “done some research” and threatened her co-star to back off.

About the renewal of “RHOMelbourne” for Season 3, Breaux revealed that Gina Liano indeed considered leaving the show. She did not know Liano’s exact reason but brought up how expensive it is to be a Real Housewife. She shared that Liano lost touch with her professional job as a barrister which resulted to doubts. However, she believed that the network would do anything to keep Liano. Sandilands retorted suddenly that Liano focused too much on the money. Breaux denied giving that idea and emphasized that being on the show could be fun.

Breaux also gave hints that some of the cast members might be replaced. She admitted that she still wants to be on the show.

There is no exact premiere date yet for “RHOMelbourne” Season 3.

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Photo Source: Facebook/The Real Housewives of Melbourne


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