‘Real Housewives of Melbourne’ Cast Update: Lydia Schiavello’s Son Accused of Stalking and Bullying

By Kathleen Villaruben | 3 years ago
‘Real Housewives of Melbourne’ Cast Update: Lydia Schiavello’s Son Accused of Stalking and Bullying

The “Real Housewives of Melbourne” (RHOMelbourne) star Lydia Schiavello is recently experiencing every mother’s nightmare as she faces charges against her son. Read on for details.

Lorenzo Schiavello, the 20-year-old son of Lydia, is called a bully. He was charged of stalking after posting sensitive images of a woman online. Andrew Capell, a magistrate from Melbourne, broke the news about the offense to Lydia and Lorenzo.

In Nov. 2014, 9NEWS.com reported Lorenzo messaged the alleged victim with her intimate pictures. After the private offense, he moved to post the images on social media without the woman’s permission.

Capell told Lorenzo in a court hearing on Wednesday, May 20, 2015, that posting a woman’s private photos online was “vicious and cowardly.” He threatened Lorenzo that if not for his young age, borderline personality disorder, and early guilty plea, he would have been imprisoned as soon as possible.

To punish Lydia’s son, Lorenzo is sentenced to community corrections order for 18 months. Failure to complete the conditions will put Lorenzo in jail. Capell explained that public humiliation is “an extremely serious matter.” He is aware that Lorenzo was bullied in the past. However, “the bullied has become the bully” by resorting to bullying just to get what he wants. Capell claimed that Lorenzo made the woman’s life “a misery.”Lorenzo’s personality disorder weighed heavily in his favor. It was because the condition may inevitably result to “grossly immature behavior.” Despite the condition, Lorenzo still needs to complete the 100-hour community service and attend mental health treatments and assessments.  Other than that, he also paid $600 as a fine for driving during the suspension.

Lydia has not released an official statement yet regarding her son’s case.

“RHOMelbourne” still has no word regarding Season 3’s premiere date.

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Photo Source: Facebook/The Real Housewives of Melbourne

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