‘Real Housewives Of Orange County’ Star Shannon Beador’s Husband David Apologize For Affair

By Meghna Subhedhar | 2 years ago
‘Real Housewives Of Orange County’ Star Shannon Beador’s Husband David Apologize For Affair

The fans of “Real Housewives of Orange County’” (RHOC) were surprised to find out about David, cast member Shannon Beador‘s husband, and his affair with a supposed mistress during the season 10 premiere. After that massive jolt of lightening type revelation, the show has gone off in a new direction. The couple have been shown to be” working hard to repair the damage” caused by the strange revelation through targeted therapy. But, Shannon still looks broken and unhappy and the viewers fear that all is not right.

According to Inquistr, this week’s episode was even more revelatory as far as Shannon’s emotional state was concerned. The fact that her husband’s betrayal had cut her deep was made even more apparent when he told her about the alleged woman. The shock on her face was indescribable.  She wrote a note on the RHOC Bravo blog about it.

“David had just come home moments earlier and started telling me how he ran into a girl. It didn’t make sense to me and I thought he was talking ‘in code’ to let me know he had seen his affair. You can see the shock in my eyes. He did not run into her. When that day comes, I am sure it may bring up certain emotions, but that was the past. I trust in the bond I have forged with David in the last year and I know he is committed to me.” Beador said in her post.

But, David did quell her fears when he said that he wasn’t going back to the mistress ever again. He made it amply clear that he was committed to fixing their marriage and the mistress didn’t mean anything to him.

David’s commitment to fixing his marriage was made even more clear later in the episode when he explains that he has no interest in seeing his mistress ever again. He even told her that “if he runs into the mistress again, he is going to keep walking. He promised that he will never speak to her.”

And even though Shannon says that she trusts that he is telling the truth, the fans will continue to wonder if the incident will cause the rift to grow. The outlet also reported on the entire drama and they say that they are expecting the couple to work on their problems in the future.

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