‘Real Housewives of Orange County’ Cast Update: Meghan Edmonds Loves the Editing

By Kathleen Villaruben | 2 years ago
‘Real Housewives of Orange County’ Cast Update: Meghan Edmonds Loves the Editing

After all the recent drama on the “Real Housewives of Orange County” (RHOC), what does the new girl Meghan King Edmonds have to say about the show and her co-star Shannon Beador’s obsessive remarks about her age? Read on to find out.

Reality Tea reported Meghan and Jim Edmonds’ interview with AfterBuzz TV. Meghan first shared her experience as a new reality star. She explained how important it is to look fine on camera.

“Being on a reality TV show, you have to be okay in front of the cameras, otherwise you don’t have a story. You don’t have a show.”

Meghan also shared how she was discovered during Heather Dubrow’s “hoedown.” She explained that her appearance was just lucky timing. She said she was just thirsty so she looked for a glass of wine. Later did she know that there were cameras around. She even had no idea who Beador was.

Interestingly, Meghan liked how she was edited on the show. Her remark was surprising because several reality stars like NeNe Leakes from “Real Housewives of Atlanta” (RHOA) and Thomas Ravenel from “Southern Charm” always blamed the editing for their bad reputation.

“I’m happy with what I’ve seen on the show. I mean, what you see, that’s me. That’s what I really did,” Meghan said.

Talking more about the editing, Meghan claimed that many scenes improved because of video manipulation. She admitted that Beador’s hysteria in Napa was worse than what was shown on TV. She also called out Beador for always calling her “the 30 year old.” She thought Beador must get over it. She revealed her cold relationship with Beador lately and had no idea why.

Jim suddenly made the interview tense when he called out his haters. He was disappointed how viewers described him as a “horrible” father and husband. He said the audience just did not understand his personality.

Now, what to expect for the rest of the season? Meghan hinted that there is more to Brooks’ cancer suspicions. She insisted that she was not the only one questioning Brooks’ condition.

Meghan also teased that the “RHOC” stars are going to Tahiti. She revealed that she would be much closer with Tamra Judge and Heather Dubrow. She claimed that they would eventually “change the course of the show” because of their next “cool” thing together.

Is Meghan coming back for the next season? “I’d be pissed if I was fired,” she said.

“RHOC” Season 10 airs every Monday at 9:00 p.m. on Bravo.

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