Real-life Astronauts To Space Movies: Wear Diapers

By Ivy Candelaria | 2 years ago
Real-life Astronauts To Space Movies: Wear Diapers
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Imagine how people in real life feel when movies depict characters based on their jobs. Well, real-life astronauts have something to say about the recent representation of spacemen in Hollywood. Keep reading to know more.

Movies like “Gravity”, “Interstellar”, and “The Martian” are some of the freshest projects that feature space voyage. According to Yahoo! Movies, NASA astronaut Tracy Caldwell Dyson has a much ”easier bone to pick with Hollywood’s version of space travel”.

According to Dyson, who is a consultant on Ridley Scott’s sci-fi thriller “The Martian”, astronauts in movies seemed comfortably garbed under their space suits “but they should be wearing… maximum absorbency garments, or MAGs. “You know them as diapers. And they’re a reality in space travel. And some movies omit this very important garment.”

Dyson coached actress Jessica Chastain (“Zero Dark Thirty”, “The Help”) for her part as NASA mission commander Melissa Lewis. Chastain explained why most astronaut films (counting “The Martian”) opted to disregard that vital element: “We don’t want to see Matt Damon in a diaper.”

“The Martian” is centered on the well-liked novel by Andy Weir. The movie locates Damon as an astronaut who wakes up from a mishap, only to find out that he has been deserted by his crew and is now shipwrecked on Mars, diapers would undoubtedly come in very useful.

Speaking of diapers, here’s a video of Chastain and Dyson talking about how space movies are leaving that vital bit of detail in the outfits of movie astronauts:

In other news, Damon, who plays the role of astronaut and botanist Mark Watney, articulated his view on extraterrestrials: “With the size of the universe, there’s gotta be something else out there,” Damon said. (via Yahoo! Movies)

Explaining how he envisions them: “A lot smarter than us, and waiting for us to evolve. We’re a pretty violent species, and if I were an intelligent life form, I’d leave us alone for a while, too.”

“The Martian” can be seen in theaters everywhere on Friday.

Photo Source: Screen Rant

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