Real Reason Behind The Split Of One Direction Revealed?

By Mardielyn | 2 years ago
Real Reason Behind The Split Of One Direction Revealed?

One Direction members revealed that the reason behind the split was not about Zayn Malik’s departure, they just wanted to have quality time with their loved ones and at the same time focus on their solo careers, however, sources claimed otherwise. Read On!

According to The Sun, the One Direction band members have “personal rivalries” that became the main reason of the downfall of the biggest and most in-demand boy band in the world since The Beatles was launched.

Wootton noted that the 1D’s biggest issues can be traced way back 2012 when two of the most talked about members of the band, Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson (or known as Larry Stylinson) suddenly became cold to each other.

In his article, the writer revealed that the rage of Styles and Tomlinson’s tension and hatred to each other has not been revealed until his article was written.

For Directioners, they all know that Larry Stylinson duo lived together in a £3 million rented flat since their early years as boy band and as friends, but as they faced the year 2012, they suddenly moved out and their friendship just got over which left them barely talking to each other unless it’s all about work.

A source close to 1D revealed that no one knew what had caused the tension between Styles and Tomlinson. The two kept their mouth shot, “they didn’t even tell the other boys the full details.”


Moreover, everyone is fully aware that the problem was serious to the extent that it affected even their friendship.

“It’s been central to everything else that came next with the band because there was suddenly a massive divide,” the source said.

Another rumors said that: “… their team knew the less time Harry and Louis had to spend together, the better the chances 1D would stay together.”

Other than Styles and Tomlinson’s tension, the site added that the band struggled to cope up with their superstardom when 2014 started, Malik was filmed smoking, then Payne’s drinking and partying problem became out of control. Payne admitted to it before, adding to the issues of regularly asking himself whether he wanted to stay in the public eye.

After all the controversies, it seems like Malik had enough of it as he decided to part ways with his band. The source revealed that the singer didn’t want to be part of 1D anymore. He wanted the band to be real artist and not just someone who makes money but it didn’t happened.


When Malik separated from the band, it was reported that Styles, Payne, Tomlinson and even the official peacemaker of the band, Niall Horan, did not keep in touch with him.

The site claim that continues issues surrounding the band became the main reason why they decided to split up, however, other gossip sites reported otherwise.

Since Wootton claimed that one of the reason why One Direction split up was all because of Styles and Tomlinson, Sugarscape quickly dismissed it by proving that the two are way more closer than we thought they already are.

Mirror also showed how Styles and Tomlinson hugged each other when they performed their last gig before they split next year, and as we look at it, it seems like tension has no place on their inseparable photos together.

Unreality TV also reported that Horan himself tweeted:

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