The Real Reason Why Chris Martin And Jennifer Lawrence Broke Up!

By April Lara | 2 years ago

The relationship of Chris Martin and Jennifer Lawrence has always been an on and off kind of thing. After Martin split up with Gwyneth Paltrow, which left all shocked, and everyone’s eyes waiting on their next move and Martin surprised us when he went for Lawrence. Now, after a year of dating, the two have broken up and this time it might be good. And we have the real reason why.

A close friend of the two has revealed to People the real reason why their relationship just couldn’t work. “Chris doesn’t really want to put an end to the relationship, rather he wants it to be flexible enough that he can see his family as much as possible within his own work schedule,” the source said. “He’s crazy about Jen but wants to maintain his own schedule, doing just whatever he wants to do at any time,” he added.

Martin has two children with Paltrow, Apple, 11 and Moses, 9. The ex-couple still maintain a good relationship despite their divorce and still see to it that they meet during Sunday brunches because family comes first. Some sources close to the couple said that Paltrow and Martin’s arrangement is somehow a factor as to why the two have finally called it quits.

Another close source said that ” The Hunger Games” star is tired of Martin being so noncommittal. Although Lawrence is busy with her work schedule, she still wants to see more of Martin but somehow their schedules couldn’t meet all the time because Martin would be somewhere doing something else.

Well, we can just hope that everything between the two is just fine despite the breakup!

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Photo source: Facebook/Jennifer Lawrence

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