Reality TV – Top 4 Deadly Fact Hidden Behind Every Series

By Chan Lasan | 1 year ago
Reality TV – Top 4 Deadly Fact Hidden Behind Every Series
Reality TV

Reality TV series are the most unique things when it comes to highly anticipated programs on small screens. But the shows darker things are hidden behind.

Here are the following things people did not know about several Reality TV series:

#1 Top Chef

A contestant named Seth Caro had an anxiety attack during Top Chef Season 1. In some way, that moment somehow gave the show a good TV. Unfortunately, what the viewers did not know much about is the aftermath.

Cracked revealed that he was brought to a mental hospital after he underwent EMTs. The outlet added that he has been trying to change his name because no one wants to hire him since the show ended.

#2 The Bachelor and The Bachelorette

Who could have imagined that three former contestants from both Reality TV series have put themselves to suicide?

Alexa Mcallister from The Bachelor Season 14 overdosed herself in February 2016.

Gia Allemand from Season 14 as well hanged herself in August 2013.

Julien Hug from The Bachelorette Season 5 shot himself in November 2010.

According to the previous winner of The Bachelorette Season 4 Jesse Csincsak, contestants were often humiliated once the show labels them with words like loser, drunk or slut. Now, the series is currently considered as one of the most dangerous programs.

#3 America’s Next Top Model

A former contestant filed a case against the Reality TV series. It was due to the job that forced them to work double digit hours. They were forbidden to leave the room, eat, drink and receive medical attention.

#4 Survivor Koh Lanta

A contestant named Gerald Babin died of a heart attack during the first episode shooting in France after he participated in a tug of war challenge. And eventually, the doctor who treated the 25-year-old participant committed suicide and left a death note blaming himself for Babin’s death. That season was instantly cancelled.

So, there you go! Those are only four of the many shows and their traumatizing realities that caused negative things to ordinary people. Let us just hope that they would get easy on them.

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Photo Source: Facebook | Survivor

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