The Reason Why The 12th Doctor Does Not Want To Regenerate In Doctor Who Season 10

By Diane Samson | 1 year ago
The Reason Why The 12th Doctor Does Not Want To Regenerate In Doctor Who Season 10
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Peter Capaldi is ready to exit the long-running sci-fi series, Doctor Who, but his character, the Twelfth Doctor is not ready to move on yet. In an interview following the release of the Season 10 finale, showrunner Steven Moffat revealed why the Time Lord does not want to go.

The Doctor Says ‘No’

Sunday’s season finale saw the Doctor battle the Cyberman inside a massive spaceship orbiting around a black hole. In order to eliminate the cybernetically-augmented humanoids, he and his companion, Bill (Pearl Mackie), remained to blow up the entire floor level as Nardole (Matt Lucas) shepherd the remaining human population in another solar farm upstairs. The Master (John Simm), on his way back to his own TARDIS, was stabbed by his future regeneration, Missy (Michelle Gomez), from the back. For revenge, he shot Missy with his laser screwdriver, preventing the latter from regenerating.

After the explosion, Bill, still a Cyberman, stands beside the unconscious body of the Doctor. It was Heather (Stephanie Hyam) from the premiere episode who saved the two from the spaceship and brought the Doctor back to his TARDIS.

While the Doctor was still unconscious, Bill got a happier ending with Heather as they took off to have their own adventures through space and time. But, unlike Missy, he still has some life left in him. Just when his hand started glowing to signal the beginning of his regeneration process, the Doctor wakes up and buried it in the snow to fight it.

Of course, Capaldi’s Doctor will not regenerate until this year’s Christmas Special where he will team-up with the First Doctor (played by David Bradley).

The Twelfth Doctor Does Not Want To Go

After thirteen incarnations, one would think that the Doctor is used to changing his own face and body every few years or so. Why is the Twelfth Doctor resisting?

Moffat explained in an interview with the show’s official YouTube page that the process of regeneration is not something that he welcomes. He pointed out that David Tennant’s Tenth Doctor even went on to say, “I don’t want to go,” before he changed.

“The turmoil of regeneration, while it extends your life, does sacrifice parts of you that you want to keep. It’s too radical a change,”  the departing showrunner said. “What [The Doctor] is saying is that actually, I can’t keep on being somebody else.”

Similar to what Bill said when she turned into a Cyberman, the Doctor does not want to live if he cannot be himself. Of course, he is not the original iteration of the Time Lord; Bradley’s First Doctor did say that Twelve might be “a Doctor,” but not “the Doctor” echoing a line uttered by Tom Baker in Robot.

“He’s been the Capaldi Doctor for a long time and he’s just saying ‘let me be me,'” Moffat said. Moreover, he added that the Time Lord is frightened to undergo the process of not knowing what he looks like or what kind of Doctor he will become. Watch the interview below.

Likely, Bradley’s First Doctor will help Capaldi’s Doctor in his transition in the Christmas Special. BBC is yet to announce who will replace Capaldi in Doctor Who Season 11 where new showrunner Chris Chibnall might adopt a few major changes to keep the show afloat despite waning ratings.

Details about Capaldi’s final episode as the Twelfth Doctor are yet to be divulged, but rumor on the web claims that Jenna Coleman will return as Clara. Mackie who is yet to confirm her exit (even if the finale seems to have ended her story) is also likely to come back and say her goodbye to the current version of the Doctor.

Doctor Who will return on Christmas Day on BBC.

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