The Reason Behind Delayed ‘Outlander’ Season 3 Premiere Revealed

By Disha Mashelkar | 1 year ago
The Reason Behind Delayed ‘Outlander’ Season 3 Premiere Revealed
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Time travel series Outlander Season 3 premiere is set in Sep.2017. The delay in the premiere of the new season has irked many fans. Some of the fans have now taken to Twitter to express their disappointment.

Outlander Season 2 final episode aired in July 2016. Fans were expecting that Outlander Season 3 is likely to premiere soon (Mostly in April 2017). But the Starz network has announced that the new season will premiere in Sep.2017. This has disappointed many fans. Meanwhile, Co-Executive Producer Matthew B. Roberts has now revealed the reason behind the delay.

Here are some reasons that might answer why Outlander Season 3 premiere has been delayed:

1. Roberts Says He Is Misquoted

A short ‘Droughtlander’ has been promised by Roberts after the final episode of Season 2, reports IBTimes. But after the revelation that Season 3 will air in Sep.2017, many fans are unhappy with the delay in the premiere.

Outlander TV News asks Matthew B. Roberts on Twitter, “unfortunately a lot of fans held on to your quote after season two ended. Never thought it would be that early but many did.” To which he has replied that “As I said, I was misquoted. So… it wasn’t technically my quote.”

He has further explained that it is challenging to move the entire production from “the top of the world to the bottom,” as reported by aforementioned site.

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2. Shifting Base From Scotland To South Africa Is Not Easy

Another reason has been revealed by Roberts for the delay in the premiere of Outlander Season 3. A fan has suggested that advance preparations might have helped them with a smooth transition, reports the website.

To which Roberts has replied that the production in Scotland has to be completed first before shifting the base. He has further added that most of the scenes in Outlander Season 3 are centered upon two lead characters of the series. They are Jamie and Claire. Therefore, “…the producers of the Starz show had no choice but wait before shifting base.”

3. Diana Gabaldon Responds To Angry Fans

Many fans are seen expressing their disappointment toward a delayed premiere on Twitter. Therefore, author Diana Gabaldon has now taken to the Twitter to react to the fans disappointment.

She has jokingly posted on her official Twitter account, “Haha! Try making them wait four years for a book..”

Meanwhile, fans are hoping to see an amazing Outlander Season 3 premiere in this year. The exact date of the premiere has been not revealed yet. But it is likely to come with its set of new twists and revelations.

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