The Reason behind Drake’s Disgust after Kissing Madonna

By Kathleen Villaruben | 3 years ago

Kissing the Queen of Pop may be a dream for some male fans. However, it seemed to be the opposite for Drake after being kissed by Madonna during their Coachella Music Festival performance on Sunday, Apr. 12, 2015. Read on to know the reason behind Drake’s overly disgusted reaction.

Turns out that Drake was not repulsed about the long and intense tongue action. An insider told TMZ that Drake hated Madonna’s gloss lipstick aftertaste. Apparently, it was so bad that he looked like somebody who is ready to puke. As seen on fan videos, Drake wiped his lips immediately after the kiss.

In fact, the source explained that Drake actually enjoyed the kiss and got shocked because the original plan was for Madonna to only perform around him while he sits on chair. added that the reaction was unexpected because videos showed Drake enjoying the kiss except the last part. While making out, Drake even pushed Madonna’s head to have a deeper kiss with her. Unfortunately, the gloss distracted him.

This is not the first time Madonna kissed somebody on stage. She also planted a wet kiss on Britney Spears’ lips while the two pop icons performed on MTV Video Music Awards (VMA) in 2003.

For more Drake news from the Coachella festival, it seemed to be his big weekend with the girls. VH1’s “The Gossip Table” reported that Drake was also seen with his ex-girlfriend, Rihanna, during the event. It is not certain if the former couple was back together again.

The Queen is already 56-years-old and Drake is almost three decades younger. However, Madonna is still rocking the stage with her iconic hot and sexual vibe, which still makes her a catch for men. Now, what do you think about Madonna’s wet kiss? Leave your comments below!

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Photo Source: Twitter/Daily Star

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