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It is not unknown to everyone, how trying 2015 was for TV personality Khloe Kardashian. The 31 years old actress went through a heartbreaking divorce from her ex husband Lamar Odom aged 36, early this year. Read on to find what else happened in 2015 which made Khloe quote 2015 as “the worst” year.

On Wednesday night, while chatting with a fan on Twitter, she revealed that with Thanksgiving approaching, she does not have much to thank for this year. Though the divorce with husband of 5 years was definitely heartbreaking and a reason to be upset about, what added to the commotion in her life was the fact that Lamar after overdosing on drugs was found unconscious in a brothel in October. The television personality was constantly by his side and was desperately trying to bring him back. She said that it was a harrowing experiences watching her ex husband suffering a coma, organ failure and a close brush with death.

Though their relationship ended on a bitter note, Khole still has some feelings for Lamar. She even went to the extent of calling off her divorce that was signed by both of them in July 2015. This was done so that she can support him recover and also take medical decisions on his behalf. She has been criticized by fans for not being able to choose between Lamar and James Hrden whom she is currently dating.

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This was not the end. Due to spending a lot of time in the hospital where Lamar was hospitalized, Kardashian contracted a staph infection. Though she is recovering well and receiving treatment on a continuous basis, the whole turn of events has left her frustrated and tired.

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Considering the fact that she went through so much, it is no surprise when she said, “Hands down worst year of my life lol” to a fan who posted a comment, “except with the whole Lamar thing 2015 was good to you Khloe” on Twitter.  We hope that New Year 2016 brings in good news for Khole in all spheres of life.

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