Rebel ‘Fat Amy’ Wilson meets one Direction and kisses Harry Styles!

By Sohini Halder | 2 years ago
Rebel ‘Fat Amy’ Wilson meets one Direction and kisses Harry Styles!
Rebel Wilson with One Direction

All self proclaimed fangirls step aside because there’s a new one in the house and maybe we all love her. Rebel Wilson aka “Fat ‘Patricia’ Amy” from “Pitch Perfect” ventures, had her dream come true when she met One direction on Wednesday morning, and we all got to see her antics. We all know Rebel, don’t we? Ellen DeGeneres, bless her soul, gave her a chance to meet one Direction at her show. What a great day to be alive!

Rebel Wilson, 35; is famous for her cheeky humor in movies and TV shows. On Wednesday she came in “The Ellen show” to promote her new movie, “How to be single”. But there was no humor when she absolutely burst into tears and proved that she is completely whipped with Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, Liam Payne, and Niall Horan.


According to Hollywood Life, Wilson sent an earnest request email to Ellen when she heard that One Direction will be on the show. Ellen did us a favor by reading, “Words can’t describe what they mean to me, not only they are hottest guys but their music like really inspires me. I would do anything to meet them could you please make my dream come true?” This was quite enough for Ellen to take a decision and when Rebel came out, clad in One Direction attire, she completely went on full fangirling mode with all the squeaking and tears, and we all couldn’t help ourselves from going “awww”.

As for the boys, they were quite thrilled by seeing Wilson and seemingly enjoyed her presence. Rebel confessed that her favourite tune is “Olivia” from Made In the A.M. she told the Lads, “I know that’s really about me so that’s my new favourite.”

Rebel Wilson also shared a solo picture with Harry Styles in her twitter, and may be hinted that she shared a kiss with the British heart throb, captioning, “Does this mean T Swift & I are now officially ‘spit sisters’? X”. Ugh Rebel, now we are jealous.


Photo Source: twitter/Rebel Wilson

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