Recent Poll Says 50% of Hispanics are Independents

By admin | 6 years ago

Hispanics are expected to be a big part in the election for the President of the U.S. in November. A large number of Hispanic voters are still undecided on their vote for the president.

A new poll released on Monday shows that 51% of Hispanics call themselves independent. Close to one third, considers themselves to be Democrats and only 11% called themselves Republicans.

However, the same poll found that over half, 52%, of the Hispanics lean toward being Democrats, compared to just 23% leaning toward being Republicans. These figures are very encouraging for current President Barack Obama and his fellow Democrats, when taking into consideration just the registered Hispanics.

Of the registered voters who are Hispanic, 45% consider themselves Democrats, compared to 36% who call themselves independents and only 16% who say they registered as Republicans.

After taking into consideration the partisan leanings, 60% of independent Hispanic voters who are registered, have affiliation with the Democrats, compared to just 27% who have associated with the Republicans.

The new poll said the largest sector of Hispanics in the U.S. that consider themselves as independent are immigrants. Amongst immigrants, 60% say they are independent, compared to only 44% of those who are first-generation and 43% of second-generation Latinos.

The poll suggests that even though President Obama is well ahead amongst Hispanics, a large percentage of that voting bloc still could be persuadable, ensuring that the positions of both, regarding immigration will be scrutinized closely. Obama, on that front, is also well ahead of Romney as he changed the country’s immigration policy to allow nearly 800,000 young immigrants to stay in the U.S. without fear of deportation.


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