Reckless Recaps: Stand Your Ground and Blind Sides [WATCH VIDEOS]

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Reckless Recaps:  Stand Your Ground and Blind Sides [WATCH VIDEOS]
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“Reckless” Season 1 Episode 3 “Stand Your Ground” and Episode 4 “Blind Sides” aired on Sunday, July 13 2014 and July 21, 2014, at 9:00 p.m. on CBS. Read on to learn more about Movie News Guide’s (MNG) recap for Episode 3 “Stand Your Ground” and Episode 4 “Blind Sides.”

“Reckless” Season 1 Episode 3 “Stand Your Ground” Recap:

In “Stand Your Ground,” Jamie Sawyer’s (Anna Wood) relationship with Preston (Adam Rodriguez) remained at the brink of breaking up. It was after she saw the video on Preston’s laptop that he included in the police sex scandal with her client Lee Anne (Georgina Haig). It wasn’t known to others that Preston was actually made to do his undercover work under Chief Knox (Michael Gladis).

Roy (Cam Gigandet) and Jamie took the case of the murderer and suspect, Gavin. They found out that Gavin killed Walt. Mindy, Gavin’s wife, engaged in kinky affairs with Walt regularly. One of which involved with “home-break-in sex” at her home.

On the other hand, the episode also featured the current happening on the sex scandal regarding Lee Anne and the officers of the Charleston P.D. It was also revealed that Lee Anne had an ongoing affair with Terry (Shawn Hatos) while she was still in a relationship with her husband. Someone wanted to settle by giving Lee Anne a whopping $500,000 to end the scandalous case. A firebomb went off when Lee Anne tried to let Arlis see the settlement money.

“Reckless” Season 1 Episode 4 “Blind Sides” Recap:

Roy and Jamie were on the opposite sides of the Southern court yet again. The case was about the death of an abusive football coach named Coach Kirkwell. Two highschool students were called to be investigated about the case.

Jamie found out photos that showed that the defendant had an affair with the victim’s daughter. It was given by her trusty paralegal, Vi Briggs (Kim Wayans). Later, Jamie’s client finally admitted that he was the one who killed Kirwell to save his friend from abuse.

Preston continued to face the aftermath of his breakup with Jamie. His ex-lover didn’t believe his stories even if its true. Will Preston tell Jaime about his real role in the scandal? How can Jamie move on with her previous relationhip with Preston? He also accompanied Terry to their buyers of illegal guns. He was the last person who came with Terry before the latter was abducted.

On the other hand, Dec got a marital problem when his wife was told about the woman who accompanied Dec at a dinner date. Knox wanted to campaign for himself for the mayor posistion, while Arliss was still in the hospital after the bomb exploded. When Jamie tried to apologized, she learned that Roy was with the reporter for tonight.

And that’s it for the recaps of “Reckless” Season 1 Episode 3 “Stand Your Ground” and Episode 4 “Blind Sides.” Check out MNG regularly for the latest news on your favorite TV shows, upcoming movies and Hollywood celebrities.

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