Red 2 Movie Review

By admin | 4 years ago

Red 2 MovieDue to the success of the first movie, Bruce Willis is back as the retired CIA agent Frank in Red 2. He brings back his gang along for the ride as well. John Malkovich still plays Frank’s paranoid friend Marvin. Helen Mirren reprises her role as Victoria the amiable assassin. Mary-Louise Parker comes back as Frank’s girlfriend.

And as if the original cast is not enough, Red 2 features Katherine Zeta Jones as Frank’s ex-girlfriend Katja. Then there’s Anthony Hopkins as Dr. Bailey. Korean action star Byung-hun Lee plays Lee. The new cast members have good credentials and could be the star of their own movie.

Frank and Sarah try to live a normal life until Marvin shows up and warns Frank that the CIA is going after them. It looks like Marvin is not paranoid after all. After one botched attempt to capture them, Marvin tells Frank that the US Government is looking for a Cold War project named Nightshade. It is a portable nuclear device that someone is trying to detonate in Moscow.

This takes Frank, Marvin and Sarah on the hunt for the one person that can defuse the nuclear bomb. Dr. Bailey is once considered dead but is really spending his time in a maximum security prison. Frank’s group is targeted by their old friend Victoria and the hit man Han. The former CIA agents are also forced to work with Russian spy Katja.

Helen Mirren is fun to watch in Red 2, which is probably the only movie you’ll see her shooting 2 guns while riding in a sports car that’s doing a 360. Byung-hun Lee looks suave in his suit while beating people up who stands in his way.

Red 2 is a good action comedy. It is not something that you should take seriously. It is an entertaining movie that will make you laugh from beginning to end. Plus it has well-choreographed action sequences.

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