Red Band Society Recap: Ergo Ego

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Red Band Society Recap: Ergo Ego
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“Red Band Society” Season 1 Episode 6 “Ergo Ego” aired last Wednesday, Nov. 5, 2014, at 9:00 p.m. on FOX. In this episode, Kara Souders’ (Zoe Levin) got worse so much so that she had to have surgery that very same day. While waiting for her surgery, she encountered a new patient whom she felt uncomfortable with. The relationship of the entire Red Band Society was threatened after Leo Roth (Charlie Rowe) issued an ultimatum to Emma Chota (Ciara Bravo) to choose between him and Jordi Palacios (Nolan Sotillo). Meanwhile, Nurse Jackson (Octavia Spencer) brought Charlie Hutchinson’s (Griffin Gluck) case to the chief of surgery, Dr. Erin Grace (Mandy Moore), who used to be in a relationship with Dr. Adam McAndrew (Dave Annable). Read on to learn more about this episode.

The episode picked up from where the previous episode left off. Nurse Jackson (Octavia Spencer), who had put Charlie Hutchinson’s (Griffin Gluck) name on the blood sample belonging to a different child, went over to the laboratory herself in order to make sure that the results of the blood samples were rushed.

Up on the roof, Dash (Astro) showed off his graffiti art to the rest of the group. While they were there, Jordi Palacios (Nolan Sotillo) made his move on Emma Chota (Ciara Bravo), as he held her hand, which did not go unnoticed by her ex-boyfriend, Leo Roth (Charlie Rowe). However, Kara Souders (Zoe Levin) started to panic as she could not see all of a sudden and quietly asked for Leo’s help. Emma noticed that once again, Leo was helping Kara but was interrupted when Jordi confessed that he had feelings for her. She told him that she did not want to do anything for now, as she was a little bit confused about her feelings herself. However, they were interrupted as a Medical Evacuation helicopter came in with a new patient.

Leo, who had escorted Kara from the roof to one of the floors, left her near the elevator so that he could get some help, as he could not support Kara’s weight, as he only had one leg. While waiting, she encountered the new patient, Hunter, who promised to help her, but placed her in the elevator once again so that she would end up in the pregnancy ward. There, the nurses asked “how far her contractions were” before she opened her eyes and realized where she was. Upstairs, Nurse Brittany Dobbler (Rebecca Rittenhouse) and Leo were baffled as Kara had gone missing from the spot where he had left her.

At the nurse’s station, Brittany, who had developed a crush on Dr. McAndrew, gave him his favorite flavor of granola bar as he passed by to inquire about Charlie’s bloodwork results.

Later, Leo went to Emma who has helping out in the usual Tuesday Bingo night. However, she tried to ignore him. He then asked Emma when she was going to tell Jordi that they were together. Emma then got annoyed at Leo, as it seemed like he always kept on helping Kara. He then told her that it was not his fault and that he had noticed that she held hands with Jordi on the roof. He then gave her an ultimatum and told her that she should decide soon on who she was really going to pick — him or Jordi. He also told her that he would always choose her.

Brittany gave Dr. McAndrew some tea, while he went over Charlie’s results. He then told them that Charlie could not yet be transferred to the Meadows Facility as his results had showed that he had an infection.

Meanwhile, Nurse Jackson went upstairs with folders of research to meet with the new chief of surgery, Dr. McAndrew’s ex-girlfriend, Dr. Erin Grace (Mandy Moore), in order to talk about Charlie’s case.

Kara was informed by her doctor that she had gone temporarily blind as her weakened heart had very little oxygen during those moments. She was then told that as her situation worsened, she had to have surgical intervention as they needed to give her a pacemaker as a stop gap measure and that her surgery would be that afternoon at 3:00 p.m..  

While Kara worried about her upcoming surgery, the hospital school welcomed Jordi in as their new student. As the teacher had asked them to partner up in order report about the themes of Jane Austen’s “Pride & Prejudice,” Emma hurriedly picked Dash so that she would not have to choose between picking Leo or Jordi as partners. Because of this, Leo and Jordi had no choice but to become partners for this particular assignment.

In Dr. Grace’s office, Nurse Jackson told her that she wanted to bring in an expert neurologist named Dr. Naday, especially as she had learned that some of the patients had reported seeing him while they were unconscious. Dr. Grace believed her and decided to talk to Dr. McAndrew, as it would also give her the opportunity to finally talk to him again, as she had been avoiding him since she got back from Doctors Without Borders in Senegal, Africa.

Kara’s mother came to pay her a visit and told her that she had to get the pacemaker and the surgery, even if Kara wanted to have a new heart already. She then decided to switch some things around with her schedule so that she could be with Kara, but Kara told her that she did not need her to be there with her. Because of this, she left but told her daughter that she would be downstairs.

Meanwhile, only Dash was making any headway with their assignment on the theme of pride, as Emma was too busy creating a spreadsheet to see who exactly would be better for her. As Dash found the spreadsheet ridiculous, he told her to just follow her gut. However, Emma revealed that she did not even know why they liked her, as she herself did not like herself. Dash then told her that maybe, instead of focusing on who she liked, she should focus on liking yourself first. However, Emma told him that she did not know how to do that.

Kara, who had been stressed over her condition and the upcoming surgery, decided to relieve her stress by smoking in the ambulance parking of the hospital. While she was there, she encountered Hunter again, whose voice she had recognized. Hunter then told her that he was only visiting, as he was visiting his brother who had cerebral palsy. However, Nurse Kenji discovered that she was not in her room, waiting for the surgery, and told her to get back. He also told Hunter to go back to his room, as Dr. McAndrew wanted him back on an IV, which meant that he was also a patient, even if he had denied it in the beginning.

After meeting with Nurse Jackson, Dr. Grace went down to finally talk to Dr. McAndrew about Charlie’s case and asked him if he would be alright with bringing Dr. Naday in to examine Charlie as he had done great work with cases like that before. However, Dr. McAndrew refused as he did not believe in Naday’s skills. She then told him that she had only brought it up because Nurse Jackson had brought it up to her. This made Dr. McAndrew annoyed as Nurse Jackson had gone behind his back and instead went directly to the chief of surgery.

While they were talking, Brittany asked Kenji about Dr. Grace and Dr. McAndrew. He then told her that they had been together, but he had refused to go with her to Africa for Doctors Without Borders as he was on the way to becoming chief of surgery. However, instead of him becoming chief, Dr. Grace did.

In their room, Jordi commented that their assignment was lame but refused Leo’s help as he could not trust him. He then revealed that he had seen Emma and Leo kissing after the car ride, which had confused him as Leo said that he was not going to do anything. All Leo could say was that the kiss happened as Emma and Leo had been together before.

Dr. McAndrew was able to corner Nurse Jackson and told her that she should not have gone to Dr. Grace before consulting him. She then told him that the only reason why he did not want Naday to come and the reason why he had not made chief of surgery was because he had a big ego. However, Dr. McAndrew told her that as Dr. Grace had told him that it was his decision whether or not to bring in Naday, he had decided that they wouldn’t.

The members of the Red Band Society met up with Kara while she waited to be wheeled to the operating room and gave her some advice. She was relieved when they had left, as Hunter had just been wheeled in beside her.

She then began to annoy the entire ward, as she was panicking over the fact that her IV was giving her rashes. In order to get her to be quiet, Hunter came over to her and told her that she was having an anxiety attack as it was her first surgery and that she was scared. She then admitted that she was scared and felt relieved afterwards. He then told her that he was there as he needed a new liver, and his pager had alerted him that there was one already available for him. However, Kara did not believe him at all. He also told her that the sicker you are, the higher up you are on the organ donor list. His antics succeeded in calming her down, and she was no longer scared when she had her surgery.

Brittany and Kenji noticed that Emma, Jordi and Leo were experiencing young love; and Kenji realized that Brittany had a crush on Dr. McAndrew. She then admitted that he sees her as more than just a nurse. Because of this, Kenji reminded her that she did not need anyone to tell her that she is going to make something of herself, but she told him that it was nice to have someone believe in her from time to time. She then tried to make a move on Dr. McAndrew while he was studying Charlie’s blood results. He then realized that something did not make sense as the laboratory tests he had just ordered had different results from the results that morning. After Brittany revealed that Nurse Jackson had brought in the blood samples and that the laboratory technician had claimed that one of the samples had been mislabeled, Dr. McAndrew realized that Nurse Jackson had deliberately switched Charlie’s blood sample.

Kara was surprised when she woke up as she saw her mother by her bedside. She then revealed that she had never left the hospital to make sure that Kara would be okay. After Kara told her that she probably would get on the organ donors list as her condition worsened, her mother revealed that that would be next to impossible, as she had failed four out of five drug tests and because her attitude towards others was not good at all. She told Kara that she had to change from within, just like she had changed because she had met her wife, Daniella. She told Kara that all she needed was someone she wants to change for. Kara then smiled after she saw a box of toothpicks at her bedside table, as Hunter was fond of placing toothpicks in his mouth. Later, she asked about Hunter, as she was afraid that he had died. Hunter then appeared and was amazed that Kara had actually cared about him. She then told him that she didn’t and bid him good night before going back to her room.

Meanwhile, in class, things became messy when Jordi and Leo did not seem to let each other speak by turn during the report. Leo then confronted Jordi and asked if he was scared of him. In reply, Jordi punched Leo, which caused him to get sent back to their room in a wheelchair. There, Emma confronted him and told him that she had been terrified as she knew that Leo was the one for her. Jordi then became upset as he had heard the entire thing and saw that they were kissing. Up on the roof, Dash tried to get him to talk, but Jordi refused his, and everyone else’s friendship as he tore off the red band that Leo had given them.

 Dr. McAndrew then informed Nurse Jackson that because of her persistence, he decided to bring in Dr. Naday. However, as she falsified Charlie’s laboratory report, as her ego was bigger than his, he had to report her and told her that she was suspended as of that moment.

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