Red Band Society Recap: Liar Liar Pants on Fire

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Red Band Society Recap: Liar Liar Pants on Fire
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“Red Band Society” Season 1 Episode 3 “Liar Liar Pants on Fire” aired on Wednesday, Oct. 1, 2014, at 9:00 p.m. on FOX. In this episode, the gang discovers that lying to yourself or to others never pays off. Kara Souders (Zoe Levin) started to experience withdrawal symptoms, as she was highly dependent on pills. She needed a “sober buddy” to help her keep clean, and Nurse Jackson (Octavia Spencer) appointed herself as Kara’s buddy. Meanwhile, Leo Roth (Charlie Rowe) tried to rekindle his relationship with Emma Chota (Ciara Bravo), who could only think about Jordi Palacios (Nolan Sotillo), who was still recovering from his surgery. Meanwhile, Dash Hosney (Astro) became a little bit jealous of Jordi, as Leo kept on spending time with him. However, everything changed when Jordi received a surprise visitor. Read on to learn more about this episode.

The episode began with Kara Souders, who met up with a guy and gave him a girl’s number in exchange for some weed. However, she was caught by Nurse Jackson after the guy ran away with her joint. Back inside the hospital, Kara started to complain about “having the shakes,” as she was experiencing withdrawal symptoms from not having taken drugs for quite some time. It turned out that she was addicted to pills as she took them all the time. Nurse Jackson wanted her to be clean, as she had another drug test that day. If any substance was found in her system, it would mean that she would have a harder time in getting a new heart.

She then reminded Nurse Jackson that she was told that it would be good for her to have a friend around, a “sober buddy” in order to help her through the ideal. She was allowed one friend, but Nurse Jackson, alarmed that Kara’s heart monitor had gone off, ran into the room, only to find Kara trying to sleep with one of her boyfriends. Because of this, Nurse Jackson told Kara that she would be her new sober buddy.

Much to Kara’s chagrin, they ended up at the pediatric playroom, where Nurse Jackson was checking on the kids. Kara started to play with one of the girls, but much to Nurse Jackson’s horror, Kara was making deals with a little girl so that she could get her pills. Furious, Nurse Jackson dragged her out of the room and scolded her. Kara retorted back and asked her why she cared whether she was clean or not. Giving up, Nurse Jackson took a hold of some pills, thrust it at Kara’s face and told her that she didn’t care.

In the girls’ bathroom, Kenji, the orderly from whose cart Nurse Jackson stole the pills, spoke to her, asking if she was okay. Nurse Jackson then admitted that she felt responsible for what had happened and was afraid that one day, Kara’s monitor might sound, and she might not respond to it, just out of spite. Then she would regret it if something really did happen on her watch. All she wanted was to find at least one thing that would make Kara likeable. However, Kenji reassured her that she would never not care about her patients no matter how mean they are because she’s not that kind of person. Kenji then informed her that Kara’s urine test came out clean.

Because of this, Nurse Jackson paid Kara a visit and told her that she had surprised her. After Nurse Jackson left, Kara popped a pill into her mouth.

Dash, in the meantime, was starting to get a little jealous of Jordi, as Leo kept on spending so much time with him. He confided this to Nurse Brittany (Rebecca Rittenhouse) who reassured him that no matter how much time Leo is currently spending with Jordi, he will always be best friends with Dash.

Meanwhile, Emma visited Jordi, who was still recovering from his surgery. She also asked him why none of his family was there at the hospital to visit them. He told her that his mom was dead, that he never knew his father and his grandmother only believed that he should only see a faith healer. He also revealed that he had convinced his cousin to drive him a Dodger’s game, only to never show up again. However, when Emma asked him how his mother died, Jordi didn’t reply. While they were talking, Leo passed by Jordi’s room to see if he was awake, only to find him talking to Emma.

When Leo returned to the room, the two talked about Emma, and Leo informed Jordi that before he came, Emma and him were an item. Jordi and Leo both then said that “it was cool” and they were “good.” Leo took this to mean that Jordi wouldn’t make a move on Emma.

Emma, who felt bad for Jordi, decided to bake him some rice krispie treats. Upon learning about this, Leo decided to help out by getting some more butter for her in the cafeteria. While he was there, he saw a mother giving another bald cancer patient child a hat. This prompted him to remember the first time he had met Emma.

Leo had been trying on some hats,  a bowler hat, when he introduced himself to her. Emma told him that he had a “nice bald head,” and the bowler hat was too small for him. Leo then decided to give the bowler hat to Emma, who has kept it and still wears it from time to time. When Dash discovered that Leo was getting butter for Emma, Leo told him that helping Emma out was his plan to get back together with her.

The two then cooked the rice krispie treats in the doctor’s lounge’s kitchen, which was off limits for patients. When a doctor walked in, they ducked and hid behind the counter so that they would not be seen. After a very awkward moment, Emma decided to stand up to put the treats into the pan.

Dr. McAndrew (Dave Annable) also spent some time with Jordi and told him that they had discovered that his cancer was actually Ewing’s Sarcoma, not the cancer that he was originally diagnosed with. As his grandmother would never sign the forms, Jordi told Dr. McAndrew that he just wanted to be an emancipated minor so that he could make his own decisions and start his treatment.

Meanwhile, all Brittany could think about was about the tie that Dr. McAndrew had worn when he came in that morning. He had come in late, but he was wearing the tie that he usually wears when he had a good night out with a date. However, much to his surprise, the very woman he had slept with night before appeared at the hospital. She was also shocked to see him and told him that she was there for her son — Jordi. This shocked everyone, as everyone believed that Jordi’s mother was dead. Jordi then corrected himself and told them that she was dead to him.

While Brittany helped Eva out with Jordi’s forms, Dr. McAndrew talked to Jordi about his mother. Eva told Brittany that she did everything she could to raise him and that his grandmother was the one who fed him lies about her. However, Jordi’s account of his childhood was quite different from what his mother told.

He told Dr. McAndrew that his mother was not fit to be a parent. He had spent birthdays at card table and at casinos, and he usually made his own hot meals, as she was almost always on a strict liquid diet.

Eva started to wonder why there were so many forms, as she thought that Jordi only had a broken leg. Dr. McAndrew then informed her that Jordi had cancer.

She then confronted Jordi about it and told him that she wanted to be there for him and to be part of his life once again. However, Jordi did not buy it and told her to sign the papers that would emancipate him. She then decided that they would determine what would happen with a competition. If Jordi won, then she would stay away from him; but if she won, she would get to be his mother again. To this, Jordi agreed.

Outside, Eva talked to Dr. McAndrew about their romantic encounter the other night. They both agreed that they would never tell Jordi what had happened between them. She also begged Dr. McAndrew to talk to Jordi, to help convince him that he should give her a chance.

When Dr. McAndrew managed to talk to Jordi, he told him to give his mother a second chance, but all Jordi could think about was how to get his mother out of the way. He finally found a pack of cards, which would be her undoing.

Dash informed both Leo and Emma that Jordi had been lying about his mother. However, instead of Leo getting annoyed at Jordi, he sided with Emma, who suggested that the reason why Jordi never spoke about his home life was because it must have been terrible.

However, a little bit later, Leo confronted Emma about their past relationship and why it didn’t work. He revealed to Emma that he had broken things off with her because he was impulsive. He had decided to break up with her as at that time, he had a big surgery, and he was afraid that he would not survive and did not want to put Emma through all the pain of losing him. However, Emma disagreed with him. She told him that Leo was scared — scared that he would survive and that he would be stuck with her, who wasn’t his ideal type.

Afterwards, Leo, who was starting to become suspicious of Jordi, confronted him about why he had lied about his mother. Jordi then retorted that all of them lie — Dash lied to get some pot; Emma lied about her weight during her weigh ins; Leo lied to get out of Physical Therapy. He told them at least, in his case, he had lied to save his own life.

After this, Dash started to make some cash by taking advantage of the wager going on between Jordi and his mother, as people were making bets here and there on the outcome.

All of the members of the Red Band Society watched as Jordi and his mother played poker, with jellybeans. While this was going on, several flashbacks were shown of them when Jordi was younger. It showed the mother and son laughing and enjoying themselves as they played Go Fish.

During the game, Jordi’s mom told him to be careful as he was starting to bite his lip, which was one of his tell signs. However, in the end, he decided to fold, and his mother won the game, which meant that she would stick around more often.

She also confronted Dr. McAndrew and thanked him for taking care of Jordi, even gave him a kiss.

At the rooftop, Leo and Emma decided to make up and reconcile with each other, as they wanted to put the past behind them. Leo wanted to make things work, and Emma replied that she also wanted the same thing. Right after that, she asked if they were good and if they were friends once again. Even if Leo did want to get back together with her, he just agreed with her.

At Jordi’s room, Emma revealed that she knew that Jordi had let his mother win, as he could have won with the hand that he had — a full house. He then told her that he wasn’t sure about his feelings now that his mother was around, but probably, deep down, he did want her to be around. As they talked, Leo passed by his and Jordi’s room and walked away, as he was still hurting from the fact that he and Emma could only be friends.

The episode ended with Charlie (Griffin Gluck) telling the audience that the person who gets hurt the most when someone lies is usually the person himself.

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