Red Band Society Recap: Pilot Episode

By Kitin Miranda | 3 years ago
Red Band Society Recap: Pilot Episode
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The pilot episode and preview of FOX’s “Red Band Society” was made available online on Aug. 22, 2014. Read on to learn more about the pilot episode of “Red Band Society.”

The episode, which was being narrated by Charlie (Griffin Gluck), a comatose patient staying at the Ocean View Hospital, introduced the audience to each of the characters of the show. He revealed that even if he was comatose, he could still hear, feel and smell different things, but he could not react to them.

First off was Kara (Zoe Levin), a popular teenage high school girl, who was captain of the cheerleading squad, and was used to getting her own way in things. She was sent to the hospital, as she had broken her arm after she suddenly collapsed as she and her squad were doing a pyramid. At the hospital, while waiting for her parents, she was placed in Charlie’s room, where she smoked cigarettes, insulted the volunteer who sang to Charlie, and insulted Nurse Jackson (Octavia Spencer).

Charlie then introduced the viewers to Leo Roth (Charlie Rowe), a cancer patient and an amputee, and Dash,  (Astro), a patient with cystic fibrosis. As they live in the hospital, they have to attend school within the hospital. However, before class, Nurse Jackson caught the two smoking pot. At school, Leo verbally sparred with his former love, overachiever Emma (Ciara Bravo), who had an eating disorder.

Jordi Palacios (Nolan Sotillo), a teenager from Mexico, insisted on seeing Dr. McAndrew (Jack Annable), as he was the best when it came to pediatric cancer patients. It turned out that Jordi had been diagnosed with cancer and needed to have his leg amputated. He became Leo’s new roommate, who introduced him to Dash and to the hypochondriac Ruben (Griffin Dunne), who encouraged the boys to hold a send off party for Jordi’s leg.

On their way out of the hospital to buy some beer for the party, they passed by Emma’s room. Jordi was introduced, and it became apparent that she took a liking to him, as she realized she could make Leo jealous of Jordi. They also invited Kara to the party, who was on her way out from Emma’s room, where she had gotten a sandwich to eat.

The trio were successful in buying a case of beer from a nearby convenience store, but they were caught by Nurse Jackson and the plastic surgeon whose car they had borrowed.

Meanwhile, one of the girls from the cheering squad who had a crush on Kara visited and gave her some flowers. However, Kara, who had seen the pictures of that girl kissing her as she tried to revive her when she had collapsed, insulted her. The girl then revealed that she was the only one who had bothered to visit Kara as nobody on the squad like her because she was mean to all of them. Afterwards, Kara hit the call button and collapsed on the ground.

While she was unconscious, she found that she was in a certain zone where Charlie could actually talk to her. He then asked for two important favors — that she orders pizza for him, as the smell might wake him up from his coma and that she tells his father that “it wasn’t his fault.” After she was revived and stabilized, she overheard the doctor telling her parents that she had an enlarged heart and would later on need a heart transplant. However, the doctor revealed that it would be hard for them to put her at the top of the list of those who needed a new heart, as her blood results showed that she had different kinds of drugs in her system.

After a conversation with the volunteer who visits Charlie, she learned that Charlie’s parents were separated and that the father does not have visitation rights as the accident happened during the father’s watch. She then deduced that the volunteer was Charlie’s father and promised to keep his secret if he bought her some beer. Kara then joined the others, and they had a rooftop party to send off Jordi’s leg. During the party, she revealed to Charlie’s father that Charlie had told her to tell him that he knew that it wasn’t his fault.

During the party, Leo, who became melancholic as he saw Emma with Jordi, and Dash talking to Kara, gathered them all in front of him. He decided that he was going to let go of all the red hospital bands he wore and gave each one to them, describing what had happened during those particular operations. To Dash, he gave the band that he got during his first trip to the emergency room, as Dash helped him cheer up. To Emma, he gave the band he got during his first surgery “to keep him safe.” To Kara, he gave the band he got when his skin got grafted because he believed that “just like skin, there are layers to her, that are waiting to be peeled.” To Jordi, he gave the band that he got his big surgery to help Jordi remember that he is not alone. Then he quoted Shakespeare’s “Henry V,” which they were studying class: “We few, we happy few, we band of brothers; for he today that sheds his blood with me, shall be my brother.” Later on, he went to Charlie’s room and slipped a red band on him, telling him that when Leo had his big surgery, Charlie had spoken to him and told him that “luck isn’t getting what you want. It’s surviving what you don’t want.” And right now, that’s precisely what he was doing.

That night, Jordi asked Leo if having his leg amputated would hurt. Leo told him that what really hurts is the memory that the leg was ever there.

The next day, Kara used white straw wrappers to post a sign on hers and Charlie’s window, asking for pizza, which Nurse Jackson promptly sent over. Jordi ran around the hospital for the last time before his leg got cut off. He stopped by Emma’s room to give her back the band that she had lost the night before, and he showed Leo his red band before going into surgery.

As the episode closed, Charlie told the viewers, “People think that when you go to a hospital, life stops. But it’s the opposite — life starts.”

And that’s it for the pilot episode recap of “Red Band Society.” For more news and updates, including spoilers and recaps, on “Red Band Society” and other television shows, keep following Movie News Guide (MNG).

Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons/Keyser Soze

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