Red Band Society Recap: Sole Searching

By Kitin Miranda | 3 years ago
Red Band Society Recap: Sole Searching
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“Red Band Society” Season 1 Episode 2 “Sole Searching” aired on Wednesday, Sept. 24, 2014, at 9:00 p.m. on FOX. In this episode, Jordi Palacios (Nolan Sotillo) went into surgery, but the results were not exactly what Dr. Jack McAndrew (Dave Annable) has expected. A distraught Leo Roth (Charlie Rowe) decided to take a little field trip to a frat party next door to cheer himself up, with Dash (Astro) in tow. Meanwhile, Kara Sounders (Zoe Levin) tried to escape the power lesbian moms and found an unexpected ally in fellow patient Emma Chota (Ciara Bravo). Read on to find out what happened in this episode.

The episode opened with Charlie, aka Coma Boy, narrating that sometimes some people just have to walk in another person’s shoes to understand them. Everyone has to have empathy, but to have empathy, one must understand one’s own feelings, and that is usually the tricky part.

Leo Roth was outside on the field with his friends: Dash (Astro), Kara Sounders (Zoe Levin), and Emma Chota (Ciara Bravo). As he was using his new prosthetic leg as a golf club, Emma reminded him that it might break and that he should be having his physical therapy at that moment. However, Leo refused to go to physical therapy as he wanted to be there when Jordi (Noloan Sotillo) woke up from surgery.

In the waiting area, Dash and Leo noticed that there was a fraternity party going on opposite the hospital. Leo, who was an athlete and was a popular kid in school, mentioned that it must be game day, and he looked wistfully at it before Nurse Jackson arrived, telling him that he should be in physical therapy. He told her that he wanted to be there when Jordi woke up, so she rescheduled his therapy to 5:00 p.m. instead.

Meanwhile, Jordi was in the operating room, and his doctor, Dr. Jack McAndrew,  prepared him for the surgery. He told him to think of a happy memory and to hold on to it. He chose the memory of when he won a talent contest at school for a song that he wrote. He clung to that memory as he went under the effects of anesthesia.

When he came to, he found himself in a leather jacket, holding a guitar and singing his song in a white space. Charlie then called out to him. Jordi asked Charlie if he was dead, but Charlie said that he was just in surgery and that Charlie was there to help him get through it. However, Jordi started to panic and feel a little bit faint.

Back in the operating room, Dr. McAndrew told the surgery team that there were some complications as the cancer seemed to have spread into the soft tissue and ordered some samples to be sent to the laboratory right away. Because of this, Jordi was able to keep his leg.

Meanwhile, Nurse Brittany (Rebecca Rittenhouse) told Emma that it was time for her weigh in. Before going, she drank a lot of water, stuffed some paper rolls or weights in her bra, and wore a sweater, making her one pound heavier. Because of this, Brittany told her that she was proud of her. However, Kara, who was undergoing her stress test, did not buy it. Kenji (Wilson Cruz), the orderly, stepped in to tell Kara that she had visitors — her moms.

It turned out that Kara’s moms were on a romantic get away at Cabo when they got the call. Her real mother was Sarah (Andrea Parker), and she had married Kara’s old nanny, Daniella (Tricia O’ Kelly), whom Kara does not get along with. Sarah talked to Kenji, asking what she had to do to get on the the list so that Kara could get a new heart. However, Kenji told her that there is no “preferential treatment in the organ donation community” and that there was only one list. However, Sarah could not seem to understand this.

Meanwhile, Brittany broke the good news to Nurse Jackson that Emma had gained a pound. However, Nurse Jackson told her to subtract the weight of the sweater Emma was wearing and to check if her weight gain corresponded to the way she was eating. Because of this, Nurse Jackson did not trust Brittany to do anything by herself, which made her feel like an utter failure.

Emma decided to accompany Dash and Leo while they waited for Jordi to get out of surgery. Leo noticed that the red band she was wearing wasn’t the same one he gave the other night. She said that she had lost it and that Jordi had given her a new one. Dr. McAndrew came and asked to talk to Leo alone. He then revealed to Leo that because no two cancers are the same, Jordi was able to keep his leg. Upset, Leo sauntered off. However, Dr. McAndrew was worried because he had no idea how to break the news to Jordi that his cancer was worse than expected.

At Kara’s room, her moms were on a roll to come up with a campaign to get Kara a new heart, with catch phrases such as #soulcycle and #heartandsoul. As Kara could not stand it anymore, she escaped and barged into Emma’s room, demanding that she should stay there and read Emma’s magazines for a while. Emma did not appreciate this and asked her why she was so flippant and dishonest. Emma then decided that for Kara to stay there for twenty minutes, she had to say something true about herself. Kara took that opportunity to ask about the photo Emma had of her and her father wearing matching T-shirts that said “mini-me” and “me.” Emma revealed that she used to do a lot of stuff with her family, but now, all the focus shifted to her and her disorder. Kara said that that was nice, as her mother only noticed her when it benefited herself. Because of this, Emma let her stay for twenty minutes.

A little while later, Leo came into the room and asked why Kara was there. Emma asked about Jordi, and Leo told them that Jordi would get to keep his leg. Kara mentioned that Leo was probably feeling bad about it. Emma got annoyed at this, as she said that Leo would not think that way. However, when Kara asked him if he was really happy for Jordi, he just walked out, prompting Emma to throw Kara out of her room.

Leo then decided to attend the frat party with Dash. While there, he met a pretty blonde girl, and they started to kiss.

Meanwhile, Jordi woke up and thanked Dr. McAndrew for getting to keep his leg. Because of his happiness, McAndrew could not bring himself to tell Jordi the bad news.

When he stepped outside for a breath of fresh air, he encountered Brittany, who was feeling down because Nurse Jackson could not seem to like or trust her. However, McAndrew told her that Nurse Jackson would lighten up and told her not to worry.

Meanwhile, Emma approached Kara’s moms and talked to them, telling them that what Kara needed more than ever at that moment was support and someone to listen to. Kara’s real mom only listened half heartedly, as she was concentrating on the campaign, whereas Daniella listened to Emma’s advice.

At Kara’s room, Sarah told Kara that they decided to include Kara’s hospital friends into the campaign and told her that Kara should strive to be like Emma. Upset, Kara told Emma that she could not believe that Emma would stab her in the back. Emma told her that she was only trying to help, especially as she knows that Kara is not all that mean — case in point was the fact that she had opened up a little earlier. Because of that, Emma knew that she wasn’t all bad. However, she upset Kara again as she had thought that Daniella was her real mom.

Back at her room, Kara discovered that Sarah was not in the room but smoking. Kara then revealed that she blamed her parents divorce on Daniella, even if it wasn’t her fault. Daniella reminded her that she was always there and quoted a passage from “Winnie the Pooh,” which she used to read to Kara. After Sarah came back in, Kara told her that she wanted to figure out things on her own with regards to the campaign. Sarah actually listened and hugged her daughter. Kara, however, included Daniella in on the hug.

After a talk with Nurse Jackson, McAndrew decided to finally tell Jordi the news, and he also decided to tell Leo as well. However, Nurse Jackson brushed him off and told him that she would talk to Leo herself. However, she could not find Leo anywhere.

Meanwhile, at the party, Leo was having fun. However, as he had one drink too many and because he felt normal at that time, he dismissed Dash when he tried to help him, especially with his leg. Dash then told Leo that Nurse Jackson was looking for him. To this, he told Dash to go home alone. However, when he and the blonde girl tried to make out in a room, he stopped her before the girl could find out about his prosthetic leg and insulted her. Alone, he tried to stand up and walk, which failed, because he was not used to the leg yet.

At the hospital, Brittany decided to take matters into her own hands and was able to rescue Leo, who was on the floor of the bedroom he was in. As Dash and Brittany walked him into the hospital, Brittany told Nurse Jackson that Leo was at the coffee shop. At this, Nurse Jackson smiled and told her “good job.”

Meanwhile, Dr. McAndrew broke the bad news to Jordi and told him that they would have to give him chemotherapy before having another surgery and that he needed a family member to sign off some forms. Jordi told him that his only relative was his grandmother, and she would not sign documents like that because she hates doctors. In other words, Jordi is totally alone.

Nurse Jackson helped Leo get into bed, who revealed that he was disappointed the Jordi got to keep his leg because he wanted someone who was like him — he did not want to be alone. However, Nurse Jackson told him that with life, one could not run away from it, but what was important was to claim it.

Finally, Leo decided to visit Jordi, and the two friends talked and laughed in the recovery room.

However, Dr. McAndrew was still out of sorts and decided to go to a bar. While there, he managed to meet a girl whom he started to talk to.

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