Red Band Society Recap: The Guilted Age

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Red Band Society Recap: The Guilted Age
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Red Band Society” Season 1 Episode 11 “The Guilted Age” aired last Saturday, Jan. 30, 2015 at 9:00 PM on FOX. In this episode, Emma Chota (Ciara Bravo) was admitted once again to the hospital, and Jordi Palacios (Nolan Sotillo) appeared before court in order to get emancipated. Meanwhile, Leo Roth (Charlie Rowe) and Kara Souders (Zoe Levin) dealt with the aftermath of having slept together. It quickly becomes more complicated after she learned that Hunter Cole (Daren Kagasoff), who was currently in surgery for his new liver, had donated his heart to her, just in case. Meanwhile, after everything that had happened, things get worse for Leo, who was supposed to be discharged that very same day. Read on to learn more about this episode.

Inside the elevator, on the way back to their rooms, Kara Souders (Zoe Levin) and Leo Roth (Charlie Rowe) agreed that they would never discuss what had just happened between them. When they got there, they learned from Dash (Astro) that Hunter Cole (Daren Kagasoff) was currently in surgery. On the other hand, he had left something for Kara, which was on her bed. After opening the letter, she began to feel guilty about what she had done after Nurse Dina Jackson (Octavia Spencer) informed her that with those forms. It was said that Hunter had legally directly donated his heart to her, just in case he didn’t make it. Nurse Jackson then explained that Hunter was currently in the ICU as they had to see if his body would accept the liver that he had just gotten.

Meanwhile, Leo accidentally let it slip to Dash that he had slept with Kara. He was determined not to feel guilty about it. It seems that Emma Chota (Ciara Bravo) had broken up with him before she had left the hospital. However, Nurse Kenji (Wilson Cruz) called him over and asked him to go to the ER as Emma had just been admitted and was looking for him.

Meanwhile, Jordi Palacios (Nolan Sotillo), decided to steal some pain medication. He sold it to Alexa, who gave him $300 for it, which he needed to pay for his emancipation application.

In the doctor’s lounge, Dr. Adam McAndrew (Dave Annable) apologized to Nurse Brittany Dobbler (Rebecca Rittenhouse) for snapping at her. Brittany told him that it was okay, as that was exactly what she had needed to here.

In Emma’s room, Emma’s father learned that Emma was now exhibiting irreversible long term effects. She then apologized to Leo, and begged him to stay with her. He then reassured her that he was not going anywhere.

The next day, Dr. Erin Grace (Mandy Moore) confronted Dr. McAndrew about Hunter’s decision. She told him that she was going to appeal for Hunter’s heart to go to someone who was more sick that Kara. Erin felt that she didn’t deserve it. However, Dr. McAndrew wanted to honor Hunter’s wishes.

As Jordi got ready in a suit and tie for his courtroom appearance, Nurse Jackson told Leo to go to his room, as there was a surprise waiting for him there. It turned out that his parents had driven by in order to tell him that he was going to be discharged that very same day. They revealed that they had found a rehabilitation center near their house, and because it seemed like he was in remission.

Dash then got the surprise of his life when he saw a drunken Kara on top of the counter at the canteen. She was crippled with guilt over what she had done, and because she realized that she really did love Hunter. Dash then brought her to Brittany and Dr. McAndrew, who brought her back to her bed. Dr. McAndrew then began to scold her. Brittany warned him not to as Kara was just worried about Hunter. Brittany then decided not to inform Dr. Grace about what had happened so that Kara’s chances of getting a new heart wouldn’t lessen.

Afterward, Dash, who congratulated Leo about getting discharged. He told him that he should let Emma go if he wanted Emma to actually get better. Dash reasoned that if Leo kept on sticking around in her life. She would never have a chance to actually focus on herself so that she could get better.

Outside the courtroom, Jordi received a call from a friend of Alexa’s who also wanted some drugs from him. However, he refused that person, and told them never to call him again. He then got a pleasant surprise as he saw Nurse Jackson. She had decided to come to court to support him, since none of his family members would be there.

When it was his turn, the judge asked him a question which threw him off. She refused to listen to his speech. She asked him what sort of adult he thought he would be without cancer, in five year’s time. However, as he tried to answer, he remembered what he had done, and left the room. Nurse Jackson then told the judge that among everyone that she knew, Jordi was one of those who seemed to be so grown up. It was because instead of complaining about things, he was actually planning what to do next with his life. However, the judge denied his request. She knew that he couldn’t fend for himself as an adult yet, as he couldn’t even fend for himself at court.

Outside, Jordi confessed to Nurse Jackson what he had done. He told her that he had gotten scared that doing that was so natural to him. He then told Nurse Jackson that he knew that he was going to be like his mother when he grew up. However, Nurse Jackson made him realize that he was different from his mother as because he had walked away instead of “cashing in his chips” and he had told the truth. However, Nurse Jackson realized that Jordi had not asked for help because he wasn’t used to doing so.

While this happened, Leo visited Emma’s room. He told her that he was going to get discharged early. However, as he couldn’t seem to break up with her, he told her that he had slept with Kara. This angered Emma, who then kicked him out of her room.

Meanwhile, Kara prayed in the chapel. She asked God to keep Hunter from dying. However, she was interrupted by Ashley, Hunter’s older sister. Kara then told her that she didn’t want Hunter’s heart. Ashley couldn’t understand because it was Hunter’s last request. She then told Kara that since he loved her, that she should just accept his heart, and love him back.

In the hallway outside of Hunter’s room, Dr. Grace informed Dr. McAndrew that she was planning on honoring Hunter’s wishes. However, she revealed that she had been checking on Kara’s conditions ever since Hunter had gone into surgery. While the two were fighting, Kara snuck into Hunter’s room and told him that she loved him. He then opened his eyes, then became unconscious, prompting Kara to scream for help.

Dr. Grace and Dr. McAndrew then rushed in and began to operate on Hunter.

Leo then chanced upon Emma’s father in the classroom. After talking with him, he advised him to just be there for Emma. Because even if they all seemed to be mature in the hospital, the truth was that they all needed their parents for support.

Meanwhile, a very nervous and anxious Kara was shocked to see that Emma was in the hospital. Emma then informed Kara that she knew that she and Leo had slept together. She told her that she wasn’t not shocked that that had happened. Kara then told her that she felt that Emma was a better person than she was because the only person that Emma really did hurt was herself. Emma then admitted that she had always felt that she was in control, only to realize now that she wasn’t. She then told Kara that she didn’t like what she had done. She hoped that they could be friends for a little while, so that they both won’t be alone. To this, Kara agreed.

A little while later, Emma’s father came by, and reassured her that he would always be there, at her side, and that they would beat her sickness together.

Meanwhile, at the operating room, Hunter died while still on the table. However, right after surgery, Brittany called Dr. McAndrew out as he needed to go right away to the MRI room to look at Leo’s scans.

Upstairs, Leo admitted that he was going to miss Dash’s wisdom. He discovered that Dash was like that because he was observant.

As soon as Nurse Jackson got back with Jordi, Brittany told her to go to Dr. McAndrew in the MRI room. She discovered that Leo’s cancer had gotten worse, much worse than they imagined. One by one, Jordi, Dash and Emma were informed of Leo’s diagnosis. This news marred Jordi’s day. When he had gotten back, he had been pleasantly surprised to see his Abuela, who had ridden a bus all the way to the hospital to be with him.

Emma then decided to stay by Leo’s side. He was trying to cry himself to sleep in his room while Jordi and Dash stayed outside in support.

Meanwhile, Kara, who had decided to accept Hunter’s heart, hugged the direct donation forms, and cried while hugging Charlie (Griffin Gluck).

In the other room, Dr. McAndrew and Dr. Grace drank together and stared out in silence. Nurse Jackson leaned against the doors of the doctor’s lounge in order to take a breather.

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Catch the last two hours of “Red Band Society” this Saturday night at 8:00 p.m. on Fox.

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