Red Band Society Recap: We’ll Always Have Paris

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Red Band Society” Season 1 Episode 12 “We’ll Always Have Paris” aired last Saturday, Feb. 7, 2015 at 9:00 p.m. on FOX. In this episode, Kara Souders (Zoe Levin) saw Hunter Cole (Daren Kagassof) one last time in the “Charlie World.” She made a big decision while she was in surgery as Hunter’s heart was being transplanted into her. Emma Chota (Ciara Bravo) made a new friend in newcomer Mae (Jessica Lu), who apparently was the online girlfriend of none other than Dash (Astro). Jordi Palacios (Nolan Sotillo), with the help of his grandmother, renewed his faith and made a big decision, and reassured Leo Roth (Charlie Rowe) who had been depressed ever since learning that his cancer had come back that this time, he would be the one to help him out. Meanwhile, Nurse Jackson (Octavia Spencer) and Dr. Naday (Adrian Lester) went on a very unconventional first date. Read on to learn more about this episode.

The episode opened with Kara Souders (Zoe Levin) in “Charlie World.” She was surprised to see Hunter Cole (Daren Kagassof). It turned out that she was there as she was being operated on as they were transplanting Hunter’s heart into her, just like he had wanted. She insisted that she didn’t deserve to have it because of what she had done to him. But, he told her that even before he died, that she already had his heart.

In the real world, Nurse Jackson (Octavia Spencer) made sure that Hunter’s bed was ready for the next patient and pocketed his box of toothpicks. Charlie (Griffin Gluck) who could now move his fingers called her over where he was playing a video game. Dr. Naday (Adrian Lester) then explained that this was helping Charlie out with his motor skills. Afterwards, Dr. Naday asked her how she was doing. She told him to stop prying and to stop asking questions because she didn’t want to feel pressured, especially as they had not yet even gone on their first date yet.

Meanwhile, Nurse Brittany Dobbler (Rebecca Rittenhouse) took Leo Roth’s (Charlie Rowe) uneaten lunch tray from him. It turned out that he had not eaten, spoken or slept since his cancer had come back.

In the elevator, Dr. McAndrew (Dave Annable) ran into Dr. Erin Grace (Mandy Moore). He told her that he was shocked and surprised that Jordi Palacios’ (Nolan Sotillo) grandmother was around. It was because that meant that they could get her to sign the forms for Jordi’s second surgery if they could convince her that this was the best option. Dr. Grace then informed him that Kara’s transplant had just started. He didn’t answer her as to how he had been since Hunter had died.

At Emma Chota’s (Ciara Bravo) room, Dash (Astro) began to team up with her so that they could do something that would help Leo cheer up. Then hid after noticing that a girl, Mae (Jessica Lu), had just walked by. It turned out that he knew her from his Cystic Fibrosis group, but hadn’t met up yet in person. However, Emma found this entire thing fascinating and a little bit adorable.

Back in the operating room, Kara was shocked to learn from Hunter that they could go anywhere that they wanted. She didn’t want to watch herself being sawn open. Hunter also revealed that he wasn’t going to go anywhere until he knew for sure that she had accepted his heart, literally. Hunter then asked her what place in the entire world made her happy so that they could go there.

At the hospital’s canteen, Dr. McAndrew introduced himself to Jordi’s grandmother and informed her about Jordi’s surgery. However, she told him that she had no reason to trust him at all. It was because he had not made more of an effort to reach out to her when Jordi first came there.

At the nurse’s station, Brittany managed to get a hold of Nurse Jackson, much to relief. She didn’t know what to do with Hunter’s mother who had just shown up all of a sudden. After talking to her, she invited Nurse Jackson to attend the funeral later that day. She asked if she could probably try to find Hunter’s shirt which had gone missing.

Meanwhile, in the “Charlie World,” Hunter and Kara found themselves in Paris. She had some macaroons and the same hot chocolate she had had when she had first gone there when she was nine. She told Hunter that everything had seemed like a movie when she had gone there with her father. She remembered how happy she was until she learned that the reason, why they had gone to Paris. Her mother could move out of the house as they were getting a divorce. She then told Hunter that he had “saved” Paris for her.

Back in the real world, Mae met Emma while Emma was watching Leo’s mother talking to him. It was even if he didn’t respond to her, or to anyone. She then learned that Mae, who has Cystic Fibrosis, liked to pictures and that she was there for a week for a “tune-up.” She was going to attend UCLA soon, and had gone to Ocean Park from Portland as her boyfriend. He lives in Los Angeles as well had told her that Ocean Park was the best hospital in the city.

Meanwhile, Dr. McAndrew talked to Jordi. He did not want to be in his depressing room at the moment. He then was surprised to learn that Jordi did not want to do the surgery anymore because he was scared of his chances, because of what had happened to Leo and Hunter. Dr. McAndrew then tried to make him see that surgery was the next best option for him, but it was to no avail as Jordi seemingly had made up his mind about things.

Nurse Jackson found Hunter’s shirt in the hospital classroom’s lost and found section. Dr. Naday surprised her and invited her to eat lunch with him at the hospital canteen in one hour.

During lunch, Jordi told his confused grandmother that he wanted to go back to Mexico and get chemotherapy from the doctor that he didn’t like. He realized that regardless of where he got his treatment, everything was just the same as no one could really guarantee that they could make him truly better.

Nurse Jackson was reminded of her lunch date by Brittany. She was much more concerned with Leo, who had just had a psychological evaluation by one of their doctors. During lunch, she was silent and moody. She  told Naday that she did not feel like going anywhere that weekend, and did not want anymore to go out to dinner with him that weekend. She then told him that she had a funeral to attend that day and that she wanted to wait for all of the drama and stress to blow over before they actually went on a date. Naday then told her that the reason why he didn’t want to wait like she did because he knew that if they didn’t take a chance at that particular moment, then nothing would ever happen.

Back in the “Charlie World,” Hunter and Kara roamed the streets of Paris. He revealed that he had wanted to become a doctor when he grew up. At this, Kara told him that he would have made a wonderful doctor.

Meanwhile, Dr. McAndrew was stressed as he couldn’t seem to get a hold of Jordi’s former doctor in Mexico. Dr. Grace then tried to make him see that his obsession over Jordi’s case was because he was now given an opportunity to actually get something right. He had been getting losses in the past few weeks, what with Hunter dying and Leo’s cancer coming back. He then admitted that he couldn’t seem to remember the “good part” about being a doctor. She then told him that the good part was meeting all the people that had to meet every day. Afterwards, the two shared a kiss.

Meanwhile, Emma informed Dash in his room that she had learned that Mae had a serious boyfriend. She was shocked to learn that Dash was the boyfriend that Mae had mentioned. Emma then became confused as to how serious Dash was about Mae especially as he had tried to hook up with Delaney Shaw when she was at the hospital. However, Mae heard all of this, and ran off, upset. Dash tried to follow her and tried to apologize, but she wouldn’t hear of it, and warned him to stay away from her.

At the lounge, Dr. McAndrew approached Jordi’s grandmother. He apologized for not contacting her the moment that Jordi had walked into Ocean Park. He then handed her Jordi’s file, and told her to feel free to contact him if she or Jordi’s doctor in Mexico had any questions.

Later, Jordi told his grandmother, who was in the chapel, that he was ready to go. She then told him that she remembered that when he had first learned that he was sick, that he had been angry and had lost his faith. She saw that when he had run away, that he had gotten back his faith in some way as he had believed in Dr. McAndrew. She knew that he was trying to escape from his own worries and fears.

After he admitted that he had felt nothing that morning in the chapel, and that he was scared; she invited him to pray and to think about those who love him.

Meanwhile, in the “Charlie World”, Kara told Hunter that she didn’t want “this” to end, and became happy when she could finally see the light. She then started to run up to it because that meant that she could go with him to the other side. However, he called after her and told her to stop going towards the light. Meanwhile, back in the operating room, her doctors urged Kara to keep on fighting as the heart wasn’t beating. Afterwards, Hunter made Kara realize that she had an extraordinary gift waiting for her- life- and that she should take it, and that one day, she could tell her children about Paris, and the fact that she had given him happiness by living. Thanks to this, Kara managed to pull through the surgery.

When she woke up, she was surprised to find her mother by her side, and a box of macaroons at the bedside table, as her father had passed by to drop those off.

Meanwhile, Emma managed to patch things up. Despite the fact that Mae and Dash couldn’t be in the same room, they apologized to each other, and shared a kiss with each other.

Before Dr. McAndrew left, Jordi told him that he was going to have the surgery. Afterwards, he told Leo that this time, he was going to help Leo get through his relapse and told him that they had no choice but to keep on fighting. Because of this, Leo agreed, and finally spoke for the first time in days.

Back at home, Nurse Jackson admitted to Naday that that day had not been an “ordinary day”, and the two finally went on their first ever date together- at Hunter’s funeral.

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