Red Band Society Recap:Tell Me What You Want, What You Really,Really Want

By Kitin Miranda | 3 years ago
Red Band Society Recap:Tell Me What You Want, What You Really,Really Want
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“Red Band Society” Season 1 Episode 5 “Tell Me What You Want, What You Really,Really Want” aired last Wednesday, Oct. 15, 2014 at 9:00 pm on FOX. In this episode, two men came to assess whether Charlie Hutchinson (Griffin Gluck) should continue staying at the hospital. In a series of flashbacks, the story of how Charlie had ended up in a coma was revealed. Kara Souders (Zoe Levin) helped out Dash with a little project of his in exchange for information on how to get on the organ donor list. Jordi Palacios (Nolan Sotillo) celebrated his emancipation with Emma Chota (Ciara Bravo) and Leo Roth (Charlie Rowe) inside the borrowed car from Ruben Garcia (Griffin Dunne). However, this caused tension between the three of them as they struggled to figure out their feelings for each other. Read on to learn more about this episode.

A set of flashbacks throughout the episode revealed what exactly had happened to Charlie. Three years ago, they were a normal family. Charlie's father Nick (Thomas Ian Nicholas) had invented a game with each other called Gameverse, which involved origami dinosaurs. Four months ago, they were at a party of one of Mandy’s friends. As it was getting late, and Charlie had eaten a lot of sugary treats, Nick decided to go home ahead with Charlie.

On the way home, Charlie threw up in the backseat. His father suggested that he should lie down as they were almost home, but Charlie complained that his seat belt had gotten stuck, and he couldn’t lie down. Nick then reached back to unhook the seat belt. At that exact moment, a speeding truck hit them. Charlie was then rushed by the paramedics to the hospital, where Nurse Jackson (Octavia Spencer) took over.  She was there because had pulled an extra shift in the emergency room that day. As Nick tried to go to Charlie, he was stopped by the police, who asked him if Charlie had his seat belt on.

As the team of doctors, headed by Dr. Potter prepared for surgery, Nurse Jackson comforted Charlie who was getting a little bit scared. She reassured him by telling him the story of the time she was most scared, and promised him that she would be there for him when he woke up.

While his parents and Nurse Jackson waited for Charlie’s surgery to finish, Nurse Jackson, who was encoding data on the computer, was interrupted by Brittany Dobler (Rebecca Rittenhouse), who had come for her interview. As Nurse Jackson ignored her, Brittany asked her several questions about Nurse Jackson, whom she heard was mean, and immediately regretted it when she realized that she was speaking to Nurse Jackson herself. However, Nurse Jackson was distracted by Dr. Jack McAndrew (Dave Annable), who walked by in scrubs. He was on his way for Leo Roth’s (Charlie Rowe) surgery. He explained to Nurse Jackson that they were running late as Leo’s mother had gotten cold feet about the surgery, but everything was going forward as planned.

Nurse Jackson also noticed that Mandy and Nick had been fighting with each other, as Mandy blamed Nick for what had happened to Charlie. Nurse Jackson then told them that they had to be a “united front” for Charlie, as they all wanted what was best for him, and told them that they had to work out whatever problems they had with each other for Charlie’s sake. However, Dr. Potter told them that there were some complications in the surgery as Charlie had sustained some head trauma and that he had slipped into a coma. Mandy, who got upset at everything that had happened took a restraining order against Nick. This only meant that he could not ever visit Charlie at the hospital.

Back in the present, Nurse Jackson told Nick that he could not be around as Mandy, despite it not being her day off was there. Nick then realized that ‘they’ were coming today. However, he heeded Nurse Jackson’s advice and left.

At that moment, two men with briefcases and suits came to assess Charlie’s progress, who hadn’t woken up yet. Dr. McAndrew told the truth in saying that he believed that he had done everything he could have done realistically speaking and the two men recommended that Charlie should be placed in a long-term care facility instead of the hospital. This broke Mandy’s heart, as it was almost akin to giving up hope.

In the doctor’s lounge, Nurse Jackson made it clear that she was upset that Dr. McAndrew was not siding with Charlie and his parents, as those men only saw Charlie as a “potential empty hospital bed”. However, Dr. McAndrew told her that he also felt bad about the situation, but his place could also be filled up by another sick child whom they could also save. He also reminded her that they should never ever make promises to their patients.

Meanwhile, Mandy, who had found a small origami creature on Charlie’s bedside table realized that Nick had been coming to visit, and this upset her. Nick, who had decided to come back apologized to her for upsetting her, but demanded to know what they had said. She then broke the news, which made them be together, as it was a tough decision to make. Later, she told Nurse Jackson that she had really just been holding on by a thread and that it was time to make the “right decision for Charlie”.

Back in the present, Kara overheard Dr. McAndrew and Dash talking. He had congratulated Dash as he had moved up on the organ donor list, and had gotten his pager. This meant that he could go back home, and the pager would beep once he had the organ that he needed. Then, he would go back to the hospital for the surgery. Kara then asked for Dash’s help to get her onto the organ donor list, so that she could finally get her new heart. However, Dash told her that he would help her if she could get him into 10504 Wilshore Boulevard, a luxurious condominium near the hospital. As her mothers were a power couple, they had a realtor that Kara could call anytime. She then was able to set up an appointment for them to get into one of the empty apartments. When they were finally there, Dash led Kara to the roof, where he painted the wall with several cans of spray paint he had bought. Surprisingly, Kara told him that it was actually pretty good. While they were doing this, Dash revealed to Kara that he had Cystic Vibrosis, a sickness in which his mucus hardens, instead of being loose. And when that happens, he could actually drown to death, which was why he needed a new pair of lungs. He also revealed to Kara that the board who “decided their fate” was everywhere around the hospital, watching to see if the person who would get the new organ would really take care of it.

Dash, who actually got too excited, had to have his mucus loosened when they came back. He then revealed to Kara that he was not sure if he wanted to take the surgery. He reasoned that new lungs are good, but he also knew that he would never live a normal life and that one day, those new lungs would also fail. If he did take the surgery, it would only be for his parents, but as for him, he had “already made his peace”, and only wanted to “be remembered”, which was why he tagged the rooftop wall with his own artwork.

Jordi Palacios (Nolan Sotillo), in the meantime was with his social worker, who was handing him all the documents and instructing him on what would be happening to him, as he was already considered an adult. However, Jordi reminded her that he already had a family, but he needed to be emancipated so that he could make his own medical decisions.

Ruben Garcia, who was giving away several gifts to Leo Roth (Charlie Rowe) and Emma Chota (Ciara Bravo), decided to give Jordi an exceptional present as he had become a “man” that day- a chance to go for a spin, on his own, in his vintage car. Emma, who had a license told Jordi that she could teach him how to drive. Leo was not going to join them in their car ride, but Jordi insisted that he should come, as they were friends, and they cleared it with each other that neither of them was into Emma at the moment. However, despite the fact that Jordi was having fun going around and driving for the first time, it was not as fun for Emma and Leo. Emma made Leo jealous by touching Jordi’s shoulder, and by being so nice to him, while she snapped for Leo, who started to become a backseat driver as he was finding the entire situation frustrating.

When they got back to the hospital, Jordi volunteered to get Emma’s phone, which she had accidentally left in the car, leaving Leo and Emma alone. Leo apologized to Emma for his behavior towards her the other day, but she snapped back at him, as she was annoyed at herself for keeping on hoping that she would end up with him, as she thought that he liked Kara. Confused, Leo became annoyed at how angry she was, and pointed out that despite the fact that she said that she didn’t care about him, she actually did. Then he pointed out that she had been the one who insisted that they remain friends. She then countered by saying that she had changed her mind, and they both agreed that they didn’t want to be “just friends," before they briefly kissed. Emma, confused, left Leo alone. However, the two did not realize that Jordi had seen them kissing each other.

Later, Leo was able to catch up to Ruben, who revealed that he was really leaving for India that night. However, as he “didn’t do goodbyes," he just shook Leo’s hand and called it “a moment”.  Leo, then asked Nurse Jackson what was going on, as he had just seen Charlie’s parents together with Charlie in the room. Nurse Jackson then informed him that much to Leo’s dismay, Charlie was going to be transferred to a long term care facility. However, Leo did not want that to happen as he was a fellow “Red Bander”, and because he knew that Charlie was still there. He then revealed to Nurse Jackson, that on the night of his first surgery, which was the night that Charlie had been operated on, he had seen and met Charlie while they were both unconscious. There, they had introduced themselves to each other, and Charlie told him that that place, “Charlie’s space” was whatever they wanted it to be, and was delighted when he saw that he had an origami dinosaur in his pocket, which he had started to play with.

Leo then called them all up to the rooftop, while Emma brought several beers, in order to give a toast to Charlie, who was being transferred. Then, they saw a piece of artwork on a building rooftop wall that had not been there before. Kara and Dash exchanged smiles with each other, as Kara finally realized why he had chosen that particular building. Meanwhile, Jordi, who was beside Emma, held her hand, while a jealous Leo looked on.

Meanwhile, Nurse Jackson, inspired by Leo’s story, decided to take matters into her own hands by labelling another child’s blood sample with Charlie’s name.

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