Red Hood: Reasons Why Jason Todd’s Red Hood Too Should Get A Solo Movie

By Anshul Hardikar | 2 years ago
Red Hood: Reasons Why Jason Todd’s Red Hood Too Should Get A Solo Movie
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Red Hood is an important character in the Batman-verse. With Jason Todd re-introduced as the masked supervillain Red Hood, his equation with Batman, his former mentor is one of the most talked about in DC comics.

With characters like Nightwing and Batgirl getting their own movie, Red Hood too qualifies as a character that should get his own movie in the DCEU. Keeping all the reasons in mind, here why the movie should be made.

Vast history

Jason Todd’s history in the Batman-verse is quite deep. Much like Dick Grayson, Batman spotted him too and took him under his wing. Training him in acrobatics, martial arts and detective work, Jason went on to become the second Robin.

As the second Robin, Jason’s heroics are well mentioned in the comics until his tragic death at the hands of the Joker.

Equation with Batman

Much before Jason established himself as the second Robin, his equation with Batman has also been one of the most talked about. He was like a son to the Dark Knight and even in his end time, he knew how much Batman loved him.

Jason is perhaps the only character in Batman-verse whose death has affected the Dark Knight at a more personal level. Even when he came back as Red Hood, Batman had a moment of nostalgia because he could not believe Jason was standing in front of him.

Death and resurrection

Jason’s death and resurrection can itself turn into a movie of its own. In the process it connects Batman and Joker further ahead in the DCEU. With the psychopath taking Jason’s life mercilessly, it can mark a turning point in Batman’s life, which can be explored in the solo Red Hood movie.

In addition to this, since Jason was already dead in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, the solo movie can show how exactly did Batman respond to Jason’s death and whether that led to him going a dark path in the aforementioned movie.

Once the movie is done showing Jason’s death, it can jump forward to the time when he comes back as Red Hood. His return can be set in the same time when Batman will be taking his own story forward in The Batman. 

If the events of Red Hood and The Batman coincide, Jason will also get an opportunity to feature as one of the villains in Ben Affleck’s solo movie.


Since many other DC characters like Harley Quinn, Deadshot, Nightwing, Black Adam and Teen Titans are getting their own movie, a character like Red Hood too deserves his own movie.

Firstly he is a multi-layered character, which makes him different than the traditional heroes and villains. Having served as both villain and an anti-hero, there are many facets of his personality that can be explored.

Secondly his deep association with Batman is what leads to a possibility that his story can be narrated too. With a highly complicated relationship with his former mentor, it is really on Jason and Bruce as to where would their equation go.

R-rated movie

Just recently DC expressed interest that they are open to making an R-rated movie. Since Jason is one of the characters who does not hold back while fighting and has been associated with gruesome violence, he can be the character who can foray into the R-rated market for DC.

Since the character has his own fan base given his attitude and nature, DC will be able to capitalize on it and give fans a more realistic Jason Todd movie.

Variety reported that Avengers: Age of Ultron director Joss Whedon is reportedly in talks to write, direct and produce a solo Batgirl movie. According to the outlet, Geoff Johns, Jon Berg and Toby Emmerich are overseeing the project and will be the second movie to star a female lead.

It remains to be seen if Red Hood gets his own movie or not.


Photo source: YouTube/Comicstorian

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