Red Oaks Recap: Pilot [WATCH VIDEO]

By Rachel Cruz | 3 years ago
Red Oaks Recap: Pilot [WATCH VIDEO]
Richard Kind at the Independent Spirit Awards in Los Angeles on March 5th, 2010. Wikimedia Commons/TomDog

Red Oaks” Season 1 Episode 1 “Pilot” is currently streaming on Amazon Prime for its third wave of pilot offerings. It was released on Thursday, Aug. 28, 2014. Subscribers to the site’s service will determine whether or not “Red Oaks” will proceed with a full season in 2015, but for now, here’s a recap of what happened in the pilot.

The episode opened at the tennis court of the Red Oaks Country Club. David Myers (Craig Roberts) was in a match with his father, Sam (Richard Kind), and they were also discussing his college plans. Dad wanted him to become a CPA, but he seemed to be more interested in the arts. This summer, as David takes a job as an assistant tennis pro at the club, maybe he could also build a network with the members? They will need him for their taxes later.

Suddenly, David’s dad had a heart attack. As he was clutching his chest, he rambled off and told his son to not make the same mistakes he did. He should have married Sunji, the Korean girl. He hinted that his mother (Judy, played by Jennifer Grey) may be lesbian or bisexual.

Sam: “Your mother and I never loved each other.”

David’s father was going to be fine, according to the hospital. While there, his parents argue in front of the doctors. David felt that his whole life may be a lie.

It was David’s first day at his summer job. His superior, a lothario named Nash (Ennis Esmer) gave him the ins and outs of working at the tennis court. Later, he met up with his girlfriend, Karen (Gage Golightly), who also worked at the club as an aerobics instructor. This was the 1980s, and aerobics was the fad workout. Karen reminded him about the staff party that night. Then David met up with his friend, Wheeler (Oliver Cooper), who worked at the valet parking. He also reminded him about the party before heading off to park the car of Doug Getty (Paul Reiser), the club’s owner.

As David was waiting to play with one of the members, Nash talked to him about why he wanted to pursue college when he already has a job in the club. David said that he wants something he can still do even when he’s 40. Just then, he saw this mysterious girl and made eye contact with her. Who was this chick?

At the tennis court, David was assigned to play with Mr. Getty. He let him win, which upset the old man because he thought that David wasn’t strong enough for the job. Nash told him at the staff party later that Getty wanted him fired.

Speaking of the staff party, Karen met this handsome photographer, Barry (Josh Meyers), who told her that she’s model material. David was wary of the photographer’s motives, but for now, he was enjoying making out with this girlfriend. They discussed about his parents, and Karen said that it will not happen to them. But the two are so mismatched. This relationship is obviously heading for doom.

Wheeler also met a girl at the party, whom encouraged him to do something spontaneous. So they got into some crazy stuff, which had everyone ending up swimming naked at the lake.

Wheeler: “We’re not really struck in a merry go round. It’s just an illusion. We stay on it by choice. People are just too scared to get off.”

At daylight, and still quite hung over, the staff return to work, and David was to be at another tennis match with Mr. Getty. The match that would save him his job. So David gave it his all, and in the end, he impressed his boss’ boss. He also impressed the mystery girl who was watching them play, which turned out to be Mr. Getty’s daughter.

And that’s what happened in the pilot episode of “Red Oaks,” which is currently streaming on Amazon Prime. If subscribers enjoyed what they saw, then the show will push forward with its series release by 2015. Learn more about the show in the video below and follow Movie News Guide (MNG) to learn about its status, as we will provide updates regularly.

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Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons/TomDog

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