Regina George’s ‘Mean Girls’ House For Sale

By Mradula Mahajan | 3 years ago
Regina George’s ‘Mean Girls’ House For Sale

Great news for the “Mean Girls” fan. You can buy the most welcomed house that was hosted by Regina George and her cool mother if you have $15 million in your account. Read on/

The house that played the host to the most loved character, Regina George is up for sale in Toronto. According to the selling listings on Sotheby’s, 20,000 square feet mansion. It comes with a two-acre estate and a two-story grand entrance, Scarlett O’Hara staircase and Juliette’s balcony is up for sale.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, this luxurious house that once was a house for the “Mean Girls” also comes with “a 11 bedroom, a six-car garage, 12 bathrooms, a wine cellar, a big spa, a master bedroom that has a private sitting room, a statue at the entrance along with a fountain and a big library with pool table by its side.” We think that it’s once in a lifetime opportunity to live in a place like this, but the cost of the mansion is seriously going to take away your breath.

According to Sotheby, the 11 bedroom mansion is an exquisite neoclassical solid estate that features the perfect balance of grandeur. Along with this, the mansion is indeed an architectural beauty of impeccable standard and with the luxuries this mansion offers, we quite agree with them.

There have been many speculations for the “Mean Girls” sequel but earlier this month, actor Aaron Samuels broke the hearts of all the fans by saying a straight no to the sequel. Now, if the house is for sale we are pretty sure that Samuels was indeed taking us to the right direction.

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