Reign Midseason Finale Recap: Mercy

By April Lara | 4 years ago
Reign Midseason Finale Recap: Mercy
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After the shocking episode last week in “Reign” Season 2, how will Mary and Francis handle what happened? Read on for the recap of Episode 10 "Mercy."

The episode kicked off with Bash rounding up all the men who were seen trying to leave the castle after the attack. Unfortunately, the man responsible for raping Mary has managed to flee, and they only got the name of the suspect. Francis would do everything to capture the man who did this to his queen, and he’s become the king he never wanted to be — all for his love for his queen.

Mary started blaming herself for what happened because she should’ve known that those men weren’t her guards. If only she knew, that wouldn’t have happened to her. Francis felt guiltier than ever, so he finally spilled his secrets to Mary. However, Mary can’t be sidetracked by those secrets now because her main focus is to get to the man who raped her. As for Francis,  he was informed that there were no more rooms in the dungeons to keep the men he ordered to get questioned, so he decided to let the others freeze to death until they are proven innocent.

Back in the castle, Mary transferred to a different chamber, and her ladies were wondering why. That’s when she told them the truth of what happened to her, and they were shocked. Then she told them that she’s not ashamed of what’s happened, and she recognized it as an act of war and hatred.

Narcisse has gone away, and Lola learned of what happened to Mary. She went to Francis right away and told him where Narcisse is. Francis went to him right away. Just when Francis was about to kill Narcisse, he told Francis that if he dies, all of his money will go to the Protestants. His revelation saved him, and Francis brought him back to the castle and will use him to his advantage.

Meanwhile, Conde and Mary learned where the attacker is, so they set off to where he is. When they got there, the man who raped Mary was hiding under a table. While Conde took the other two down, Mary cut off the leg of the man who raped her. She told the man that he will suffer and die, and she will live. She will be remembered as a queen, while he will be forgotten. The man told her that God will grant him with mercy from the fire, but Mary proved him wrong because she set him on fire instead.

That’s when Conde learned the truth of what’s happened to Mary, and he told her that she could trust him and France will always be her home. When they got to the castle, she told Francis about Severin, the man who raped her and whom apparently has now turned into ashes. That’s when Mary told Francis that they couldn’t put their lives back together the way it were, so she decided that they lead separate lives and only work together as King and Queen of France. Francis didn't want that to happen and brought up the word love into the conversation, but Mary quickly answered him “look what love has brought us.”

And what about Catherine? Well, she decided to poison Claude before the twins could kill her. However, Claude didn’t die; she just had a raging fever. And then Catherine had sex with a ghost — her husband, Henry. This episode didn't end there because Conde’s brother came to town to question Conde’s loyalty and accused him of being in love with the queen.

It looks like there’s a lot to look forward to when "Reign" returns next year! What do you think of this episode? Let us know by posting your comments below!

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Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons/gdcgraphics

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