Reign Recap: Season 1 Episode 19 Toy Soldiers

By Hannah Aven Guarin | 4 years ago
Reign Recap: Season 1 Episode 19 Toy Soldiers
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“Reign” Season 1 Episode 19 “Toy Soldiers” aired on Thursday, April 24, 2014, at 9:00 p.m. on The CW. Mary and Francis were torn over France and Scotland. Read on to find out more about MNG’s “Reign” recap of  Season 1 Episode 19 “Toy Soldiers.”

Previously on “Reign” (“Toy Soldiers” Season 1 Episode 19), Penelope (Kathryn Prescott) claimed that she was pregnant with King Henry’s (Alan Van Sprang) child. The king offered Penelope to live in an estate with her unborn child. There, she could mingle along with other mistresses and illegitimate children of King Henry. However, Queen Catherine (Megan Follows) had another plan for Penelope. You see, the queen knows how to handle the king’s dirt. She offered Penelope to be one of her women. By that, Queen Catherine meant that Penelope should sleep with notable men for information.

News has reached Mary (Adelaide Kane) that Marie’s castle was surrounded by protestants. They want Marie (Amy Brenneman) to surrender. So what did Mary the Queen of Scots do? She invited the Duke of Guise, her uncle. Mary’s father banished her uncle due to being a threat to any throne. The duke lusted for power and would do everything to obtain it. The deal was he would help Mary provided that Francis (Toby Regbo) agrees to appoint him as his left lieutenant when he is crowned king. Francis agreed to his demand, only that the army would still report to him. Francis wanted to go with him to Scotland. Just when Mary was hopeful that Francis would help Scotland, he changed his mind and put France in priority. He decided that the Duke of Guise’s army would do well in serving France.

Bash (Torrance Combs) and Kenna (Caitlin Stasey) made love. When Bash returned from hunting the Darkness, Kenna thought that it was about time that they made love. After all, they were a married couple.

Lord Castleroy (Michael Therriault) knew about Greer’s (Celina Sinden) family’s financial issues. When Greer’s father along with her sisters went into the castle, Lord Castleroy gave each of them a huge amount of money as a dowry and demanded that Greer has the final say over her sisters’ marriages. This was to ensure that they marry out of love not just for anything else. That was very nice of Lord Castleroy.

As for King Henry, he knew that Queen Catherine was trying to control him. He would not let her be triumphant on this. He was mad as hell as he wanted to take over the world! Francis must save France, and this perhaps is the reason why he decided to use the Duke of Guise’s army in the aid of Calais instead of Scotland.

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