Reign Season 1, Episode 18 “No Exit” Recap

By April Lara | 4 years ago
Reign Season 1, Episode 18 “No Exit” Recap
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“Reign” is picking up its pace and creating a buzz. In the latest episode of “Reign” Season 1, Episode 18 “No Exit,”which aired on April 17, 2014 on the CW, Mary has a visitor and it is her brother who came to ask her to come back to Scotland. However, Francis seems suspicious about his true motives. Read on for MNG’s “Reign” Season 1, Episode 18 “No Exit” recap.

“Reign” Season 1, Episode 18 “No Exit” Recap:

It’s Lola’s wedding day but everyone seems to be worried about Henry especially that the Cardinal will be in town for the week to meet with him. This worries Katherine because she’s afraid that the Cardinal will find out Henry’s secret. Luckily, Mary has an idea. She convinces the Cardinal to meet with her and Francis instead and fortunately, the Cardinal obliged.

As for Lola, she becomes doubtful about her relationship with Lord Julien because he wants to get the dowry before going to their honeymoon. She also found out that one of the gems on the necklace that he gave her is a fake. She told Grier about this but Grier told her that she’s only over thinking things and should let things go. However, Lola is still not convinced especially the thought that there are already two dead wives behind her and she thinks that she will have the same fate with Lord Julien.

Meanwhile, Nostradamus and Olivia are hitting it off pretty well and Nostradamus decides that she wants to take away Olivia and live in peace, after having a scary vision in which he saw Olivia laying dead along with other dead bodies. He tells Queen Katherine about his vision and asks for her permission to let them leave but Queen Katherine doesn’t accept his resignation. Nostradamus threatens Queen Katherine that if she doesn’t accept, she won’t tell her anymore visions about her. Queen Katherine then accepts his resignation but told him to be careful of venom. Suddenly, Olivia gets bit by a snake and because of this, Nostradamus urged her to leave without him.

Penelope is so jealous of Kenna so she forces Kenna to give up the ring that Henry gave her. On the other hand, Catherine is so eager to get rid of Penelope and she’s actually thinking of poisoning her but realizes that she can’t because it would be too obvious. What she did is to plot with Kenna and offered to give her an estate in return. The plot is for Kenna to teach Penelope sex tricks, particularly “The Standing Cross.”

Penelope did it, she tied Henry up in a cross-like fashion, even though Henry is so uncomfortable because he feels like he’s mocking God. He tries to tell Penelope to let him go but Penelope doesn’t want to until Catherine and a fake Bishop walks right through them. The fake Bishop was so appalled by this mockery and told Henry to kick Penelope out, which Henry did.

Francis realizes that he should help Mary so he told Mary that they are both going to leave for Scotland. However, James wants Mary to go alone and he convinces Mary to leave early without Francis. Francis then discovers that someone is going to kill Mary to make James king. Thanks to the footman that is carrying English gold. Francis tells Mary about this plot but Mary doesn’t believe her, thinking that her brother can’t do that to her. Mary is determined to help Scotland even without Francis and because of this, Francis orders his guards to detain Mary and Mary is left locked in a tower.

That’s the “Reign” Season 1, Episode 18 “No Exit” recap. Whew! That was such a thrilling episode for “Reign.” What do you think is going to happen next? For the latest news about “Reign” and other entertainment news, catch it here at Movie News Guide (MNG).


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