Reign Season 2 Finale Recap

By April Lara | 3 years ago
Reign Season 2 Finale Recap
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The season finale of “Reign” Season 2 promises more trouble. Even though the episode has reconciled some of the characters and others get a happy-ending this season, it is a well-known fact that the royals of France is going to face a much bigger threat next season when Queen Elizabeth finally goes into full position to take down France. Read on.

Kenna managed to talk to Renaude before he was executed. It was sad knowing that he has finally found something in him that he loves and also, she’s pregnant with his child. After watching the father of her child get executed, she immediately went looking for Bash. Of course, Delphine ruined their moment by telling Bash about Kenna’s pregnancy. Bash realized that Kenna is trying to pass on Renaude’s baby to him.

However, Bash didn’t go running towards Delphine especially when he found out his bloody shirt and the dead servant boy. Delphine was hauled away and was almost burned at the stake when she escaped. What? Yes, she was already tied up and burning but she still managed to escape. This woman really has powerful witchery in her!

To the most important part of all, Mary isn’t really pregnant. She just faked it to get through Conde then stabbed him in the gut. Now that Conde is in the custody of the French, Francis doesn’t want any Protestant uprising with what happened to Conde. He plans to send Conde back to King Antoine of Navarre. However, Catherine disagrees and wants Conde’s head but she was overruled by her son.

So, what Catherine did next is kidnap the royal child. Narcisse knew about this. After getting a death threat from Catherine, he did what is best for him to save his arse by telling Francis about what Catherine did. Francis was furious and he was able to rescue his child and Lola who are both perfectly safe. He then banished his mom from court and stripped her all of the privileges.

Knowing Catherine, she wouldn’t go down without a fight. The next thing we know, she’s at the English court, about to plot with Queen Elizabeth who seems interested on hearing what she has to offer.

As for Mary, she reconciled with her king. She told him that he is the only man that he has ever loved. And then, Nostradumus showed up to confirm that Francis is dying.

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