‘Reign’ Season 2 New Stills and Spoilers!

By April Lara | 3 years ago
‘Reign’ Season 2 New Stills and Spoilers!
Adelaide Kane at the 2013 Toronto International Film Festival/gdcgraphics, Wikimedia Commons

Reign” Season 2 is getting fans even more pumped up by releasing new stills and revealing more spoilers. And we have all of them for you! Read on to know more details.

The first season of “Reign” wrapped up with Francis supporting Lola’s childbirth. Now, Francis and Lola will return with their baby in tow, but  this means that things will be very complicated with him and Mary. However, it seems like that the couple will be spending some intimate moments during the first 3 episodes of the show.

Adelaide Kane has revealed this information when she said, “We’re sexy this season,” she said. It has also been revealed that the newborn child will create tension and will make things “awkward” at the castle. Of course, it will and we wonder how Mary and Lola are going to treat each other, as well as Francis and Mary’s relationship.

The official synopsis of the second season has also been released and we will see the Prince Francis and Mary becoming the King and Queen of France in the opening episode of the show. With the “plague” going around their lands, the two are in for dark times. The episode one of the show is titled “The Plague” wherein the plague has been killing hundreds of people in the villages beyond the castle’s territory. This will be such a huge pressure for our new King and Queen.

Here are also some stills of Mary.

Catch the season 2 premiere of “Reign” on October 2, 2014.

What do you think of these spoilers? Do you have other predictions in mind? How do you like Mary’s new stills? Let us know by posting your comments below!

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Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons/gdcgraphics

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