Reign Season 2 Premiere Recap: The Plague

By April Lara | 3 years ago
Reign Season 2 Premiere Recap: The Plague
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Reign” Season 2 is finally here and the premiere is titled “The Plague.” So, what happened? We have the full recap for you!

The premiere episode kicked off as Francis leaves to find Lola while Mary was with Catherine. That means we have two queens ruling France with no king. This is very unusual but then again, the two didn’t have a choice. Nostradamus was also a revelation this season because he shaved his beard and has predicted that death is upon them but being Nostradamus himself – he’s saved.

Everybody in the castle is paranoid that everyone has the plague. In fact, Greer thought that Castleroy has the plague but in reality, Castleroy was just watching Leith hold her daughter. Leith, on the other hand, asked Greer to stay away from Yvette who was isolating herself. Francis got to Lola’s cabin and was so happy when he found Lola and the baby alive. However, that doesn’t mean that the plague will not get to them and once they realized that the plague was in the household, Francis immediately ran away with Lola and his child and stared at Lord Conde’s camp.

Narcisse was there, too, who informed Francis that there was a ship ready to take away Conde’s lover. Conde offered Lola and the baby a spot on the ship and Francis was about to let them go when he saw his child again and just couldn’t let go of him.

Back in the castle, there were a lot of sex but not in a sexy way, though because the best way to get infected by the plague was to have sex, and since almost everyone at the castle was doing it, a lot of them got infected and a lot of them died. Edward, a nobleman, came to Mary and Catherine proposing a perfect plan that with the plague going around, it was the perfect time to kill their enemy and he needs the help of the queens. However, Mary wasn’t up for it even though Catherine tried to pursue her to grant Edward’s request.

There was even a ghost in the castle who talked to Bash who apparently told him that there were a lot of ghosts in the castle who are still not done – an unfinished business, perhaps? After their whole conversation, Bash ran to Kenna to save her.

Catherine wasn’t thrilled with Mary’s decision-making so she decided to rule but Mary and Nostradamus wouldn’t let it, so they dragged her to make her think that she has the plague. After that, Mary went to Lord Edward only to find out that he’s been working on his own as he poisoned his whole household and that includes Yvette! It turns out, Lord Edward is the son of Narcisse, and Mary got him locked up for what he’s done and she’s ready to rule the castle even without her king.

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