Reign Season 2 Recap: Abandoned

By April Lara | 3 years ago
Reign Season 2 Recap: Abandoned
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Finally, the whole Mary and Conde thing is nearing its end. It’s just getting too old and it’s time that Mary gets herself together before the country falls apart especially now that her loving husband has gained a new perspective in live. In “Reign” Season 2, Episode 19 “Abandoned” Conde has done something terribly wrong that might just cost him not only Mary’s love, but his life, too. Read on for more details. 

A group of Protestant rebels killed several monks. They even held children as the hostage in a monastery. Bash updated Francis and Mary about what’s happening at the Monastery. The problem was, most of Francis’ troops are in Scotland. They had no choice but to use the castle guards and it was Bash’s responsibility do prep them up. The whole situation made Mary remember the time she was raped and Francis reassured his queen that she’s safe.

In the midst of it all, Mary met Conde at the woods. It was after he went for a break for a little while to mend his broken heart. Instead of finally breaking things off with Conde, Mary reassures him that she loves him and they made out. Francis was so pissed that Conde’s back. Kenna accuses Bash of sleeping with the Woman in White.

Meanwhile, Catherine vents out to Narcisse about how much she hates Conde so Narcisse came up with a plan: He ordered his men to plant some dead bodies at the monastery with Conde’s seal.

Worried about the children being held hostage at the monastery, Francis ordered Bash to save them. Of course, he failed because he didn’t have enough trained men on his side. Catherine then suggested that they use Narcisse’s private army with General Renaude. Francis agreed and they succeeded.

Back at the castle, Conde told Mary that some of the dead men have his seal on them. He also thinks Francis was responsible for that. However, Mary disagreed and convinced Conde not to run until she can talk to Francis. Right on cue, Queen Elizabeth caught Conde in such a panicky mood and finally got him to say yes to Elizabeth’s proposal.

Ironically, Francis has agreed to let Conde go after Mary talked to him about Conde. And to make matters worse, as Conde was about to board the ship going to England, the house Annabel (whom she married, more like Elizabeth’s proxy) has burned down and the priest who wed them has been killed. The documents that will prove their marriage have been destroyed, too, which will then condemn Conde for treason.

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