Reign Season 2 Recap: Acts of War

By April Lara | 3 years ago
Reign Season 2 Recap: Acts of War
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In the latest episode of “Reign” Season 2, Episode 9 “Acts of War,” Francis and Conde were going around the villages to announce that the Feast of Saint Nicholas was still going to happen. Francis even offered the residents that he will provide food and supplies to their homes for those who were hesitant to go due to the religious issues that they have been dealing with lately. He also reassured them that he didn’t kill the Protestant minister.

Meanwhile, Claude went to Mary for information on Narcisse because she wants to know if she should show some kind of PDA with him in public, so Catherine could not proceed with her plans of marrying her to someone. Luckily, our queen was a very smart woman because she has a plan. She planned to marry Claude and Conde because that marriage will send a message. and this will also keep the Protestants from a possible rebellion.

Mary told Francis about this, but she wasn’t up for that idea until Bash found the prince that Narcisse captured who will condemn Mary and Catherine for murder against Henry. Now with the King’s approval, Mary immediately set off to find Conde and told him to marry Claude. And we all know Conde’s in love with Mary, and he just can’t say no to her. Moreover, saying yes also means that he will stay in court, which means more time with Mary.

However, Claude and Catherine weren’t so thrilled about the whole idea, but Catherine let it go because of the ghosts of her twin sisters. Hearing about the engagement, Narcisse went to talk to Francis. Francis played him well by pretending that he’s going mad. That way, Narcisse will be preoccupied on how to take him out of the throne.

Now that Conde has finally agreed to marry Claude, Francis and Bash were on their way to find Lord Montgomery; but before anything else, Francis reassured his queen that he loves her and even stared at her for a long time before he leaves. This scene had a lot of feels, really.

Bash and Francis were on their way to find Lord Montgomery, and the feast started in the castle. However, Conde left the feast early with his heart breaking due to Mary, the love of his life, announcing his engagement to Claude and being so happy about it. Greer and Castleroy were back in good terms, and we also learned that Castleroy has become more active in the Protestant world because he’s been funding a school in a specific region.

However, things turned differently when Bash and Francis realized that the money that Castleroy was giving to fund for the school was actually being used to fund a group of Protestant assassins to kill Francis, and that night was their plan of attack. The assasins were disappointed not to find Francis there, but they found Mary instead. At first, they plan on killing the queen until one guard insisted to rape the queen instead. Before another man could rape her, Mary managed to escape and get to Cartherine’s chambers.

She told Catherine everything, and Catherine told her that she will survive this because her strength and pride can’t be taken from her. She also told her to erase their marks on her body, as well as on her whole being for Francis, Scotland and France.

Catherine told Mary to let her help, and Mary did. And one of the best scenes ever in the show was when Mary was sitting on the throne with Catherine on her side, reassuring their subjects that the king and queen were untouched.

And then we saw Narcisse who went to Lola to admit that the whole nation was crumbling because he was the one who started it all. Then to wrap up this very shocking episode, Francis came to his queen with a beautiful line after learning what has happened to her: “You are my life and I love you.” He blamed himself for what happened, and Mary still didn't know the truth about him leaving the feast and told Francis to find the men who did that to her and kill them.

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